I had so much fun making my youtube video of my favorite place ever! So I thought I’d make a blog post as well, that way you guys can have a tangible list! I recommend screen shotting this blog post for refer back too!

Like in my video I’m going to start in…


Grayton Beach:

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Black Bear Bread Co.

The aesthetic is 10/10 it has a coastal modern vibe without trying to hard, which is easy to do when you’re going coastal. They have THE BEST avocado toast, coffee, tea, and homemake all of these pastries/breads! There is such a good loungey vibe in there. I could sit there forever!! They also make an amazing mimosa (fresh squeezed) the only catch is they are $10 so I usually only order ONE and thats IF I’m splurging! They did JUST START doing a happy hour and they have organic sulfate free wines only so I’m excited to check that out ASAP! They also now serve raw oysters which I happen to be a big fan of so I will soon be making an afternoon instead of breakfast stop here! Anyways its hands down one of my FAVORITE 30a spots and is a MUST DO when you’re in the area!

IMG_1069Nanboo Noodle Bar

This place is the essence of cool! On the inside it feel like its straight out of Brooklyn! They usually play hiphop, and the Japanese esque art work makes the aesthetic a 10/10 for me! The most import part THE FOOD is amazing!! 30A NEEDED a noodle bar, and this one is DELICIOUS! Probably top 2 romen I’ve ever had! Also they have hand made dumplings of the day with the yummiest flavor combos! I also can’t not mention their pork buns!!! ommggg! SO GOOD! Also they have Sriracha POPCORN!!!! Its SO GOOD! They also carry a yummy cheap Japanese beer I think its called tiger? or something?? but it pares perfectly with there food to me!

Red Bar

RIP this place was MAGIC! The red lights, the jazzy band, the plethora of HUGE melted candles everywhere, ALL the memorabilia,  the chandlers and disco balls, there was NO PLACE like it in the world! (and don’t even get me started on the food) Unfortunately this enchanted establishment burnt down at the end of 2018. FORTUNATELY! This place will be reopened Memorial Day weekend this year, and the owner is working his hardest to bring the same exact charm, and mystique back! They are using the original floor plans, and everything! Now lets get to the food! The servers walk around with a chalk board with 5 itdx

Next up


IMG_1078IMG_1075Modica Market– This place is my favorite grocery store in the entire world, its small and so freaking cute! It looks like something you might see in Europe (from what I imagine) They have the most amazing deli as well. You can’t order wrong here, but you REALLY need to get a fresh squeezed mimosa while you are here! I usually get the BIGGEST one they have and walk around the town with it.

Bud and Alleys– This place is a perfect sunset watching spot, but the food isn’t my favorite. Don’t get me wrong the food is good but if you have limited time there are other restaurants that the food is wow worthy, so I would wouldn’t do a meal here. Drinks and sunset, YES! You can sit back and watch the sun over the ocean with a drink or beer in hand. This is more of a beer place I think.

IMG_1076Raw & Juicy- This place is good, its a food truck! They have a ton of healthy food, fresh juices, smoothies its pretty much all vegan. They have super yummy acai bowls, and in the summer have coconuts they cut open and will add some alcohol too!( They also have a stand alone store front in Alys beach as well)

Then there is


IMG_1095Fish out of Water: FOOW has THE best happy hour on 30a period! I know I said in my video you could skip this one but I’ve thinking about it and if its a nice day you REALLY should go to there happy hour! The view is out of this world!!! The drinks are good! Not my absolute favorite but still SUPER YUM!

IMG_1096Wine Bar: This place is a great go to! They have an awesome Happy Hour as well! There’s is the first happy hour on 30a meaning it actually starts when it opens! The food is good as well! If we want to drink early we usually time it where we have some happy hour win here before heading to FOOW, since they are directly across the street from each other! The aesthetic is crisp, and slightly laid back for the area!

Alys BeachAlys Beach:

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Caliza Pool- This place is a SHOW STOPPER!! The aesthetic is Morocco meets Greece at the beach. Its breath takingly beautiful!!!! The food is AMAZING too and the drinks are so yum!!! I could sit there all dayyyy Also they have an AWESOME happy hour too!!! They close in the winter time though and unless you are staying in Albs beach you don’t have access to the pool! But you can still eat and drink here!


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NEAT- This place is special to me! Not only am I obsessed with there craft cocktails, but there small bite are super yum too!! The aesthetic is coastal and neutrals but with pops of red and a modern vibe! I could literally sit here ALL DAY and I have hahaha! They also do Wine and Song every Tuesday! Its a set price for 3 or 4 wines I believe and live acoustic music! So fun and relaxing!! They pour at your pace so as long as you are it in the time frame you won’t miss out on this deal!

George- This place reminds me of something you would see in like nantucket, or Watersound lol! Its beautiful, and the food is in the running for my favorite on 30a! ITS DELICIOUS and BEAUTIFULLLL You can sit inside or outside, if its a pretty day I recommend outside! *Please try the crab saladddd you will be thanking me later I promise

Rosemary Beach:

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The Pearl Roof Top (Havana Bar)- LOUNGE CITY! lol But for real! There is NOTHING like sitting in the cabanas upstairs at the pearl, or by the fire pits in the winter! They have a great happy hour! I recommend the Frosè (they say its like 1 bottle of rose in one cup!) imagine sitting under a white cabana over looking the BEAUTY that is Rosemary Beach. You feel like you are in Europe!

F20060FD-20CC-475A-A814-69B1DD1D3B31 2The Pearl Inside Bar and restaurant- The inside bar feels like home to me! Probably because they have the BEST bartenders! Erin, Zach, Sire! but honestly all of them! They change the drink menu quarterly, and they are always coming up with something creative and yummy! Its also SO cozy up there! Anytime I’m in town I have to stop by and grab a drink, they have a great happy hour as well, along with YUMMY happy hour food! Get the pimento cheese!!!!

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Pescado- Might me my most favorite…. you just cannot beat the view, the food, and the drinks are amazinggg as well!! Also the decor in there is really thoughtfully done. Its very coastal, with fresh neutrals, and the softest pops of color. The food I could go on and go about, you cannot order wrong here, and one of my most favorite bartenders ever Tatiana works there!! She is the best!! UGH Please go here for a sunset or a dreamy brunch, but know you will NEED a reservation, thats how special this place is, unless you are in the dead of off season it will be packed!

IMG_5612La Crema- ohhhhh THE CHOCOLATE FONDUE!! I have dreams about there milk chocolate fondu  with a peanut butter swirl! They also have good food but are mostly know for there desserts, for good reason because they are out of this world! Its the perfect way to make an even out of dessert! LOVE the romantic beachy decor! Its screams Malibu to me!! You have to go share a bottle of wine and dessert!!

 Paradis- The food at this romantic slice of heaven is out of this world! I am still thinking about the Ahi tuna dish I had here! The crust was just that memorable YUMMM Its mysterious romantically and perfect for an intimate dinner! The decor isn’t so much m y styler but its still STELLAR!

In-let Beach

Shaka Noodle Bar- So this is a noodle bar, and I’ve had there ramen it is good but the real winner here is the SUSHI!! The sushi is AMAZING!! They have this one roll with bacon I believe its called the maverick? I don’t know but its SO FREAKING GOOD!! I love the decor in there and the food is AWESOME! Its my favorite sushi in the WORLD RN!!! They also have Sake Cocktails!!!!! They are AMAZING and refreshing!!!

Well I hope this helped you! Honestly 30A is such a magical place! Thank you for letting me share!!


So I do this blog to give others helpful tips and tricks, and to share beneficial experiences, the ultimate goal is so you guys get something out of it. I don’t want to sit here and talk about myself. With that being said I am STRUGGLING this week, not to gush on, and on, about how I have the best friends ever; but I’m going to do my best, and tell you guys how to do a 30a birthday. (because our weekend was pretty close to perfect!)

First though let me introduce to you the birthday girl/bride to be/best dancer in the world/best friend everrrr Kaitlyn! IMG_5085IMG_5587IMG_5367 I KNOW I KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT IS SHE?!?!

okay I’ll get to the tips!

  • BIKES! Bring them or rent them how ever you can, but on 30a they are a MUST for a sorta of celebratory event! Not only is everything close enough to bike to (for the most part) But you can stop a long the way for food, and drinks! Or in our case bring the Rośe and take swigs out of the bottle along the way! (which leads me to my next tip!)IMG_5219IMG-2281IMG_5241
  • Open Container Law! So I don’t know if you knew this but Seaside and Rosemary beach are both magically considered “Resort Communities” So what does this mean?! BOOZE IS FAR GAME EVERYWHERE! Feel free to walk around with wine beer or even BOTTLES of Rośe!!!!!!!
  • Start the day with CHAMPAGNE! Nothing says celebration time like CHAMPAGNE, you know champagne is such a fun word to say. I love the way it rolls off the tongue and fizzles in my stomach. There really isn’t a better way to start the day!!! I mean look at all the fun!!!!IMG_5270IMG_5282IMG_5286IMG_5296
  • RESTUARANT HOP! We hooped on bikes and stopped and restaurants along the way got an appetizer and drinks all along the way! It is the way to do it!!!IMG_5304IMG_5326IMG_5480
  • DO NOT miss a sunset!!! We accidentally missed it on our first night, so the second night we were bound and determined. We picked up some yummy Rośe at that cute grocery store, and after a short nap, headed over from across the street to watch. This was one of our most favorite times. We laughed sipped and watched a heart stopping pink sky, that matched our Rośe. I’m all smiles just thinking about it!IMG-2314IMG-2271IMG_5499IMG_5509IMG_5525IMG_5518IMG_5521IMG_5538IMG_5540IMG-2313IMG_5491IMG_5494IMG_5495
  • DO hit the stores! All the stores have unique offerings, Its so much fun to look. I know shopping can sometimes be a bore or feel like a pause in celebration, but not these guys! The Sundog Book Store is enchanting. Kelley and I were just talking how calming and beautiful all the stores are, especially that book store, it makes time stand still. Also upstairs is Central Square Records and it is so so cool! The Art of Simple is probably one if the best stores everrr!!! They have the CUTEST STUFF!!!! OMG I WANT EVERYTHINGGG!! I’d like to met there buyer because the taste of that human is impeccable!!!!!!!!! Modica Market is also THE WORLDS CUTEST GROCERY STORE!!! You know those stores you could just spend FOREVER in? These are perfect examples! Of all the seaside shops these are my FAV’S!IMG_5361IMG_5363IMG_5411IMG_5452IMG-2230 (PERFECT FOR THIS BRIDE!^)IMG_5355IMG_5391IMG_5392IMG_5398IMG_5410IMG_5406IMG-2317IMG_5436IMG_5430IMG-2228

(one of our good friends works at this vineyard!!!!!!)

Now that I have picture OVERLOADED YOU! We are going to move onto Restaurant and Bar MUST DO’S!IMG_5612IMG_5600IMG_5575IMG_5604IMG_5571

  • Le Crema!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG CHOCOLATE FONDUUUUUU WITH A PEANUT BUTTER SWIRLLLLL!!!!!! I have DREAMS about this place, and the fondu!! Also the hot sipping chocolate! Seriously this is my favorite place in the world!!! Its in Rosemary Beach and it is a slice of HEAVEN!!!!!
  • The Pearl! Also in Rosemary Beach, The Pearl is a BEAUTIFULLLL boutique hotel, with one of my favorite bars ever! They have the cutest outside fire pits and cabanas, also the bar inside is gorgeous as well. The change the cocktail list often and the drinks are always yummy and strong!IMG_5123IMG_5128 These are at the inside bar, but trust me outside is to die for!!!
  • Fonville Press! So I saw this place spring up last year, and finally got the chance to check it out a few months ago. Not only are the aesthetics superb, but the food and coffee is a 10/10! It was the perfect spot for a final meal and goodbye to a beautiful weekend.IMG_5868IMG_586580A715E2-83DD-41AB-B3B4-972FA2712F9BIMG-2318IMG_5877IMG_5887IMG_5891IMG_5893IMG_5895IMG_5898IMG_5916IMG_5909IMG_5953IMG_5977IMG_5972IMG_5998    IMG_5901Okay so those are my tips for celebrating a 30a birthday! Now I am going to throw in any other cute pic’s I didn’t get the chance to throw in here!   IMG-2278IMG_5307IMG-2279IMG_5069IMG_5116IMG_5207IMG_5388IMG_5660IMG_5311IMG_5343IMG_5486IMG_5596IMG_5676IMG_5679IMG_5751IMG_5768IMG_5779IMG_5797IMG_5839IMG_5840IMG_5848IMG_5850IMG_5854IMG_5862IMG_5863IMG-2280  One last thing before we part. May we never get too old and boring to try on each others clothes and shoes while we eat macaroni drinking wine and dance at 2AM! Alright I love you!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!