Here we are again and I have some GOOD ONES for you!! Let me remind you what this is all about! Its about sharing AMAZING noteworthy, sunshiny, whatever you want to call things to Brighton your week! We have the following categories!

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of Week


Vance Joy

He is seriously the BEST!! I am OBSSED with every album he’s ever put out! “Dream your life away” is my FAVORITE album of his but I also LOVE “Nation of Two” !! His stuff is dreamy, super chill, and puts my soul at ease!! I love to listen to him when I’m relaxing, or getting ready for the day! It puts me in a good mindset, his music evokes clarity for me.

Beautiful Boy

This movie is so important, it perfectly and chronologically tells the story of addiction. It is BEAUTIFUL from start to finish. You will probably cry, and find yourself sucked into this true life story. Beautiful Boy is the most beautiful story about heart, tenacity, and a fathers love, through the devastating experience of addition. It gets ugly, and real, but its a mesmerizing master piece! You can watch is on Amazon Prime!

Mi.iM Shoes


Okay so I just got these shoes for a sponsored IG post I’m doing but I am OBSESSED with them!!! They are kinda funky, but they add so much to everything you wear them with and they are still so neutral! I love  good statement shoe, and these go with so much more then I though they would!!


It Cosmetics Foundation!!

This is the holy grail of foundations!!! Its so moisturizing, but its not going to completely whipe off like most moisturizing foundations.I consider myself a connoisseur of foundations! You name it and I have probably tried it! This stuff is AMAZINNGG! It’s super buildable and its full coverage which is super important to me because I have huge patches of discoloration on my face. Sometimes I feel like its all people see despite others reassurance. So FULL COVERAGE without looking caked is a MUST!! I’ve been using this one for about a yearish and its everything you could want in an everyday foundation! Also IT SMELLS SO GOODDDD!!

Quote Of The Week

Courage is the ability to climb the highest mountain even when you are afraid, and it is

Also the ability to rise and keep going on the hardest of days.

We all can have courage, but it does not always look the same.

-Morgan Harper Nichols

Another piece of gold from MHN! I’m needing a lot of courage with the things going on in my life lately. This quote is a reminder that I am still showing courage and showing up even when it doesn’t feel like it. It takes so much courage to do the right thing when its hard. Those moments of courage are where change happens, or where people are made.

Anyway! I love you guys and I am SO SORRY this post was a day late!!






Lets do a refresher, last week I started a super duper fun and awesome thing where I tell you guys my current favorites in a few categories, (I’ve added one!)

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of the week

Okay lets go!

Banks Goddess

Banks is AMAZING and makes AMAZING music but the album Goddess is her BEST album everrr!!! EVERY SONG IS A BOP lol no skips!! You might have heard of her and this album but its been playing in my head on repeat for like 2 weeks now so I HAD to share for those who don’t know! Banks is vibey, cool, chill, and her lyrics could cut through your soul!

Banks Goddess on YOUTUBE

Banks Goddess on APPLE MUSIC

Banks Goddess on SPOTIFY

Christopher Robin

(It’s on NETFLIX) This movie seriously made me (Matt too) laugh, cry (happy and sad tears) and feel all the feels!! Christopher Robins is a story that you probably need to hear, life lessons and heart strings pulled! You will leave wanting to hug your favorite people and appreciating life more! Thanks a lot for a movie to do for you, so go see it!




This accessory is an outfit elevator, its high-end, edgy, cool, innovative! Its perfect for the beach, a night out, or anywhere! They are so adjustable and versatile! When I have mine on I feel magical, and that it effortlessly fits in with whatever I’m wearing! You should get one and spice up your wardrobe!

Get one HERE

Check out there insta HERE

Balm dotcalm Glossier

I’m a huge Glossier fan in general, but this shiz is amazinggg! I’ve tried all the flavors (With the exception of Mango because its brand new) and the best is Rose, with a close second by mint. The consistency is think and creamy, they make your lips feel ssooo AMAZING!! PRO TIP: Put some one before bed each night and wake up with the most kissable lips you’ve ever had!

Get some HERE!

Quote of the Week

“And everyday, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No, This is what’s important.”


This quote REALLY resonated with me, I ALWAYS have a heard time doing whats best for myself at the expense of others, and it can be a really great quality, but its also a horrible quality. You HAVE to know when to say no, as I’ve gotten older I realize how important that is. As hard as its been for me to learn, you can say no and still be a good friend, you can say no and still be a good person, you can say no and still have empathy, you can say no and still care DEEPLY about others! What you can’t do is allow others to stop what your are doing for yourself because its better for them! Yes be inconvenience yourself for  others, yes go out of your way for others, but know when to PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!

Okay sunny amazing beautiful people! I have to go! Just know I love you and I hope you enjoy these FAVORITES!! Let me know your current favorites the comments below! I hope you have an AMAZING week filled with TONS of sunshine! byyye!!IMG_0211

IMG_0024_Facetune_03-06-2019-11-32-32Hey guys,

I have decided to get my s-word together and put a little more structure and a lot more consistency to this beautiful space! Every week there will be two blog post!! (and hopefully a YT video too) I’m going to be doing weekly FLAVorites! (Get it like flavor of the week and and favorites lol) This is going to be an every Monday thing! I’m also going to be doing regular blog post on Wednesdays!

FLAVorites are going to go a little something like this:

My CURRENT FAVORITE of the following:

  • Song and or album
  • Movie or series or doc or podcast (whichever one I’m into at the moment)
  • Item of clothing or accessory
  • Quote of the week

I’m SUPER stoked to share this with you guys!! This feels very ME and very right, Also I want to hear your favorites too, so PLEASE leave them in the comment section, maybe they will become my new favorite too, and make it on the blog! I’ll totally give you credit if they do of course!!

Alright week one FLAVorites LETS GGGOOOO

Bon Iver 22, A Million (album cover ^)

THIS WHOLE FREAKING ALBUM!!!! Its moody in all the right ways, you well feel relaxed, and one with yourself. Bon Iver has such a way of making you feel at ease, and this album in no exception. ITS SO FREAKING COOL!! Its a few year old and I feel like it never got the credit it deserved, so here you go Bon Iver I see you and I hear you hahahah!

How to Listen:



The Perfection

(WATCH IT ON NETFLIX) Let me just mentally prepare you for this, you are probably going to feel weird for like 3 hours after you watch it, so brace yourself. But this movie is thrilling, has all the twist and turns, plus ALLISON WILLIAMS! This is going to leave you saying WTF!!! I love movies that make you think, ones that you don’t always see coming. I would call this one a little disturbing but its beautiful done.


Jeffery Campbell Clear Sparkly Slides

If I had a dollar for every time someone complimented these shoes I would be rich lol They are my FAVORITE things!!! They go with everything, can be dressed up or dressed down. I got them at a boutique in Rosemary Beach called Disco (a lot of disco in my life lately lol) But you NEED these shoes in your life!!


Quote of the Week

“When you start to feel like things could have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that brought you here.
They are not accidents, and those moments were not in vain.
You are not the same. You have grown, and are growing, you are breathing, you are living, you are wrapped in endless boundless grace. And things will get better, there is more to you than yesterday.”

I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve just been spinning my wheels. (lol that sounds so dramatic) But really, Ive been feeling like I’ve been pushing forward in pursing my dreams, and that I’m not getting anywhere, I’m not making a difference, or progressing, and its been wearing on me.  Sometimes I scroll Pinterest at night especially if I’m feeling down. When I stumbled across this quote it brought tears to my eyes, I felt some much truth in it. I hope you can feel it too!

(The poet who wrote this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES she post super amazing quotes on IG you should follow her! HERE is the link to here IG!)

Okay thank you for letting me share! Let me know your current FLAVorites in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this!!


-Your friend



IMG_7654_Facetune_01-05-2019-11-19-58IMG_7737_Facetune_05-05-2019-07-36-12So the day has come, its the end of an era. Let me tell you I LIVED IT UP!! These years were so HARD and beautiful. I smelled all the roses, traveled a ton, met so many incredible souls, let some go too. My hear broke more times then I could count. In my 20’s I lived LOUD, I did whatever I wanted to do! I was spontaneous, careless, aimless, deep, irresponsible, driven, and probably everything in between those words on any given day. I threw a lot of S-word against the wall, probably drank to much, and stayed up to late, definitely didn’t drink enough water, or wear enough sunscreen, but you know what, I think thats what its all about. After navigating the rollercoaster years of my 20’s I have some words of advice.


20 Lessons I Learned in my 20’s

  1. If you have to force it, its not for you: Relationships, yoga poses, perfect ponytails, jobs. This lesson was probably my HARDEST one. For me personally when it came to friendships, there were so many times I was trying to force a friendship that the other person clearly had no interest in putting effort into. For me that was heart breaking, of all the things I am, a good friend is a defining quality of mine. Heres the thing, you have to stop putting energy into things that ONLY take from you. I’m not saying you have to get something from your relationships, but they SHOULD NOT EVER make you question your worth!
  2. Be INTENTIONAL with your relationships: Just because you vibe with someone does not a friendship make. You have to put time and effort into it, like anything you want. It shouldn’t be difficult, but there are times you are going to have to show up when you are tired, and don’t feel like it. When its inconvenient, but if you want quality friends you have to be a quality friend as well.
  3. Trim your hair REGULARLY: Like every 6 weeks, its the only way it will grow. Sounds counter intuitive but trust me.
  4. Invest in yourself: If you want something it is solely up to YOU to figure it out and make it happen, that means your going to have to invest in yourself. Maybe buy that book on coding if your interested in learning how to code. Buy yourself a camera and start shooting if your interested photography. Invest in the person you want to be and the steps it takes to get there. Write them down.
  5. Thoughts without action will not get you there: This kinda goes with investing in yourself, but it goes even further. Taking action in the direction of where you want to be is so powerful. MAKE THAT PHONE CALL, SEND THAT EMAIL, WAKE UP EARLIER FIT IT IN.
  6. Do not let your fear paralyze you: You know I bought my camera and thought up my TorriSunshine lifestyle blog/influencer stuff like 2 years before I started using it. My only regret is that I would have started sooner! Fear is okay to feel, let it come with you on your journey, but don’t let it drive the car.
  7. You need to be your own best friend: As you get older friends are harder to make and harder to keep. It just takes more effort, which is fine, but you need to know how to sit with yourself and be okay with that. Take yourself out to dinner, get to know yourself. When you are upset of course you can lean on your friends and family but you should also know how to self sooth. People are not ALWAYS going to be readily available and thats TOTALLY OKAY. This lesson was another hard one for me, but super important.
  8. Follow your call: Whatever it is that you feel overly compelled to do, do it. Trust your gut, thats how you live authentically, don’t tell yourself well this is good enough if you can feel deep in your bones that its NOT! If you don’t it will not end well, your only putting off the inevitable, and not setting yourself up for your most amazing life. It will probably be scary, and uncomfortable, but its okay.
  9. Embrace being uncomfortable: Change is uncomfortable, growth is uncomfortable, but it is so necessary. I have found when you lean into the uncomfortable you learn more about what you want, who you are, and you always come out on the other side better for it. I remember when I first started posting everyday it was scary and uncomfortable to put myself out there like that. BUT LOOK AT ME NOW!!! I’m chasing my dream comfortably and I have learned SO SO MUCH!!
  10. You don’t have always to be out doing everything: FOMO isn’t a disease, its more like a virus that you will grow out of! If you would have told even 24 year old Torri that she would be perfectly happy sending Cinco De Mayo sitting at home in a oversized t-shirt, wrapped in a big fluffy blanket she would NEVER believe you. My FOMO resurfaces every now and again, but now I know a treat isn’t a treat if you do it all the time. Quality over quantity, spend your time and money when and where its important.
  11. SPEND YOUR TIME WISELY: Time is the MOST valuable resource in the world, its not something you can get back. Use it WISELY!
  12. SAY YES AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN: I viewed these years as my say yes to everything years, I said yes to new experiences as often as I physically could. It lead me to so much beauty and discovery.
  13. TAKE THE TRIP: Traveling is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. You are never going to have the right amount of money, or the right time off work. JUST GO! You will not regret it!
  14. People will treat you how you let them: Stick up for yourself! There is a line between going with the flow, and being problematic. Find the line set the boundaries and stick up for yourself. There is a time and a way to say things constructively.
  15. Let those grudges GGGOOOO!: As a recovering grudge holder, I just want to say it did nothing for me, AT ALL. Its a lot to carry around, and honestly a lot of work. You don’t have to let it go and let them back into your life, I mean when people show you who they are believe them. But MOVE ON! Take mental note, and distance yourself if needed but don’t carry the hate. Its heavy and it will only weigh you down.
  16. Take care of your skin: Your skin its so so easy to go to sleep with your makeup on I know you’re tired, but wash your face every night and moisturize!!!!!
  17. Read a book: Never spot reading, it opens your mind and can transport you to a different world when this one is a little to much. Reading is one of the most healthy vices you can have.
  18. You can do everything right, be the best friend, best girl friend, you can be the cool girl, you can say and be all the right things, and someone will still not like you, and thats okay: Sometimes you have to know, no matter what you do its not going to change the way a person views you. Guess what, thats there deal, its not yours. Keep it moving and move right along! I remember times where I thought if I were better they would like me more, or if I had said the right thing, or dressed a certain way or listened to different music or WHATEVER! That is CRAZY TALK! You are the best you, and that is your own secret sauce. Its not up to you to make someone like you, as long as you like you thats whats important.
  19. Your parents a regular flawed humans, not super heroes: Hate to break it to you, but your parents are probably going to disappoint you, they are humans who make mistakes all the time, and not actually superman and wonder women. Forgive them anyway, even when its hard.
  20. Be THANKFUL: Gratitude is the essence of happiness. If you are not thankful for your current situation, you will not be blessed with more!

Go to bed earlier, drink less alcohol, wear sunscreen, eat more vegetables, and less carbs, be a good friend, a good listener, and a good talker. Do the right thing when no one is looking. Follow through, and smell the roses. We are only here for a tiny little bit.


Well its 1 o’clock in the morning and so that means it officially over, I’m 30. Goodbye 20’s you were magical, terrible, beautiful, and I wouldn’t change a thing… well maybe a few things lol jkjk

I love you goodbye!!!


This post is sponsored by AVA Grace Vineyards!IMG_0200

So, I’ve always heard that I am super positive and happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my moments of darkness, but I typically share those as well as the sunny parts because life is a balance, and it’s hard to juggle it all most days. As someone who lives on the sunnier side of life MOST of the time, I felt like I needed to share a necessary component of life that often gets overlooked: the importance of spontaneity in order to live a happy life! It’s something a lot of people forget about, probably because people typically go about their daily routines doing all the life things – like work, and the dishes, and the laundry (and also Netflix!) But a lot of times people find themselves struggling to be content and don’t understand why.


Spontaneity gives me new perspective, refreshes my mind, and allows me to give others more grace  It adds spunk and flavor, it can shake things up and make you feel alive again. After I do something new or spontaneous it clears my mind and leaves me feeling fresh! Adding spontaneity always gets me out of a slump, and makes me feel happy- I crave it. I think it’s something that you should seek out in your life often! Here are some actionable things you can do to add spontaneity to your life.

(This means getting out of your comfort zone! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, you can do something simple!)

  • Try the new restaurant you’ve been dying to try– Actually, call them right now! Make a reservation if you have to! It will give you something to look forward to! Matt and I ALWAYS try the new happening restaurant in our town; side note: we also always rate it as the meal is going on! Ambiance, service, food, and overall! It’s so fun and it just adds a little fun to our day and date! There is just something about trying something new that’s exciting! You get to see a place you’ve never seen and experience it all for the first time. It’s refreshing!Bonus points if you find somewhere that’s BYOB with outdoor seating. Bring your favorite AVA Grace wines for an extra special evening out.
  • Take a spur of the moment road trip- This is probably my favorite ! (I have a travel bug!) Nothing gets the juices flowing like a spur of the moment road trip. Matt and I do this all the time! We will decide the night before and make a day trip to Panama City Beach or 30A and it’s always exactly what our soul needs.Think of somewhere you can go to get out of your town that’s just  a short car ride away. I recommend a 1-3 hour drive at the most, and just go! I recommend grabbing a bottle of AVA Grace  Rosé or Chardonnay on the way out.It’s  perfect for the spur of the moment, moment. Look up places you want to try on the way,and navigate to a picnic spot along your route with a pretty overlook for sipping your wine when you reach your destination. Just go and let the wind blow you where you may! (Matts and I road trips usually involve the sunset and wine at some point)IMG_6351
  • Trying a new wine– Sometimes you don’t have the time off work to go on a trip, or the money to treat yourself to dinner. In these cases I recommend grabbing a new fun bottle of wine and I highly recommend AVA Grace! AVA Grace can be found in your local store and it has the cutest labels – perfect for spicing up an ordinary night. I love the Chardonnay has notes of white peach, apple, lemon and hints of oak and was inspired by the loveliness of the California Vineyards. Grabbing a bottle of wine can give you a little something to look forward to, and gives you an excuse to let your hair down and channel your inner fun!IMG_0108IMG_6198_Facetune_05-03-2019-02-12-06IMG_6220_Facetune_05-03-2019-23-09-17
  • Do a staycation- Staycations are such a good way to take a moment and breathe in a new space. There is no pressure of traveling and allowing time for that, just all the time for FUN! This is something Matt and I do often – we have our go-to spots (Paradise Inn/Margaritaville), and in my opinion, this is the best way to add spontaneity. When I’m traveling I like to cram everything in, so the staycation is just a time to relax and breathe. I like to think about everything and nothing, watch the waves roll in, watch the sunset, and drink Rosé! AVA Grace Rosé is the perfect wine for a staycation- with notes of apricots, honeysuckle and hints of wild roses, it’s really perfect for anything! IMG_6201_Facetune_05-03-2019-02-20-44IMG_6256_Facetune_05-03-2019-21-06-10
  • Look up an event in your town and go- I do this all the time, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for events going on around town, I usually find them on coffee shop bulletin boards or Google. I’m always looking for a new experience that is going to broaden my horizons, open my mind and refresh my soul! I’ve been to local art galleries, live music, Weiner dog races, wine tastings, indie movie premieres, . and I’m never disappointed. At the very least it gets me out of my comfort zone and is the perfect refresher.
  • Make plans with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile- Call your friend right now! You know, the one who’s energy you’ve been missing. See if she can meet you for a quick cup of coffee, a beer, or even hop on a quick phone call. Sometimes you are stuck in your daily routine,  and putting forth energy to call someone just doesn’t sound fun. I promise if you are feeling BLAH, making the effort to call or hang with someone you don’t usually see (but whom you love) can do WONDERS for your soul and add the spontaneity you NEED in your life!IMG_6207_Facetune_05-03-2019-02-31-30
  • Cook a meal you’ve never made before- This pretty much falls under the category of doing things you haven’t done before. Even something this simple as making a meal will be something you remember and learn from, which always breaks up the monotony in life. Don’t forget to grab some AVA Grace wine to enjoy with your meal!

I hope this post leaves you feeling inspired to get out of the ordinary and do something different!