Okay here we are again! Here are some sunshiny thing to get you through the week in the following categories

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Leon Bridges Coming Home, River, Beyond

These songs DEF needed to be added to your playlist!! They are perfect for back ground music with friends, to listen to on your way home from work, to cook dinner too, or to have a glass of wine on your couch curled up in a blanket! When Leon Bridges singles these songs my soul tingles and relaxes! Listen to these for a feel good time!

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This is the first series I’ve highlighted, its the new HBO show, and I am OBSESSED! The characters are so deep, there is so many levels to them which is something I LOVE about HBO shows! This show deals with heavy relevant topics like drugs, alcohol, sexuality. It shows you all shades in a realist show that you will become addicted too!

Watch the trailer

Watch on HBO here


Lack of Color Hats

So I’m SURE you’ve seen these hats all over the gram, and I have been pining after them myself/still am!! My friend Leah (follow her on insta) has like 3 of them and a brow them for IG photos but I am obsessed!!! It is my next splurge! They are all around $100 give or take, but I think they add so much to an outfit! Put one on and BOOM you are magically more put together!

Get them HERE


Briogeo GO BANANAS Shampoo and Conditioner 

I LOVE Briogeo products they are always made with the BEST ingredients!! This Shampoo and Conditioner smell so good, and make my hair feel so healthy!! I did just do a sponsored post with them not for real they are one of my FAVORITE haircare brands!

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“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection”

-Brene Brown

Brene Brown is my girllll!! If you haven’t watched her viral ted talk or her Netflix special you NEED too!! Her lives work is about being vulnerable, and living whole heartily as yourself! I chose this quotes because last week I really opened up about my BIGGEST insecurity (on my IG) It was scary, and hard but I cannot tell you the love and connection that I felt afterwards. It also brought me back to my why. So I say as a reminder or incase you didn’t know, there is so much power in vulnerability, and it feels so good to live your life that way.

Ted Talk    Netflix Special





Okay So I CANNOT believe how fast our engagement has flown by, but it really has.

We have gotten A LOT done!!  So far, my approach to wedding planning has been jumping in for a few days or until I’m about to throw up lol then completely blocking it out of my mind for a few weeks. hahahaha

I wanted to share some of the details and amazing vendors I have signed seals delivered on! Because thats the super fun and exciting part!

  • Wedding Invites: I AM BEYONDDDD OBSESSED with how these turned out and the AMAZING company that Paper Culture is! I could cry, they are such an amazing SUSTAINABLE, ecofriendly paper company, with the sweetest message! They PLANT A FREAKING TREE for ever single order that is placed! You also get to dedicate your tree to someone! HOW FREAKING SPECIAL IS THAT!! Matt and I made the tree in his grandmother, who is no longer with us, name. They are on a mission to plant one million trees! Not only is that amazing but the quality of these invites are unmatched from anything I’ve ever come across! I went with the double thickness and its the THICKEST wedding invite I’ve ever seen! (they have a triple thick too) LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE!!!! AND THE ENVELOPE LINERS!!! I WANT TO CRY!! This has been the most special thing we’ve done wedding wise so far! Also I’am working with them and they gave me a discount code to pass along! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!


  • Venue: I AM OBSESSED with my venue, funny story, I KNEW I was getting engaged soon, and my soon to be matron of honor was in town. (she lives in DC) so she before I was even engaged, we went and looked at wedding venues together and it was a one and done situation! The Pointe on 30a is in Rosemary Beach FL its beautifulll with heavy greens everywhere, and all white, modern structure. What sold me was the roof top there is a BEAUTIFUL view of rosemary beach and the ocean!!! I can’t stop smiling when I think about it! Its super loungey, with fire pits!! There is a lush green grassy null where will will be having the ceremony, and the roof top I mentioned is for the reception! aaahhhh IM SO EXCITED!! (we are obviously moving the tables!)


  • Band: A band was SUPER important to me!! I had one in mind that has been my DREAM band! I’magene They were local but they moved to Nashville because they are AMAZINGGG!! I have been a HUGE fan of them since 2015? I heard them for the first time at Margaritaville in the thick of my promo days, and have called myself a groupie ever since! Go give them a listen, I am beyond PUMPED to have them playing our wedding!!!IMG_0263.png
  • Caterer: Grayton Beach Catering I don’t know how it happened but me and the owner of my catering company Cheri are BEST FRIENDS hahaha just kidding but like for real, we could talk on the phone for hours, we laugh, its like I’ve known her my whole life! I went with them, because they have the whole package! Amazing food, ALL THE RENTALS, I mean everything from the bamboo chairs for the reception to the rugs and floor pillows! Also there food is amazing from what I hear! For food as of now we are doings a charcuterie tables for cocktail hour, and then artisan steak and shrimp tacos with the whole 9 yards, guac, salsa, queso, chips! They are also doing our dessert station with little tarts and a small cake. (We aren’t really cake people and I never end up eating cake at weddings so, its one of things we don’t really care about)


  • Flowers: Chrissy Florals aka My dream florist in town is doing my wedding and I can’t stop smiling thinking about it!!! Her style is my exactly flower style!! I don’t even know how to describe it. Other than its not traditional, its flowers you probably haven’t seen or heard of typically, heavy greens, berries?, bulbs aaaahhhh my DREAM! So we are doing those sort of arrangements, and sort of minimal flowers. Check out her Instagram, and the mood board she put together for me for our wedding!!!! AAHHH SO FREAKING DREAMYYY!!IMG_0266
  • Dress: Okay So this is something I’m not 100% solid on only because I haven’t tried it on but I have a specific dress in mind from BHLDN that I’m probably going to go with if it all fits and all that, JUST MADE MY APPOINTMENT!!! The closest BHLDN is in Atlanta, so I’m headed there at the end of July!!

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  • Wedding Party Attire: I have the CUTEST bridesmaid dress for my girls!! (from SHOWMEYOURMUMU) They are going to be in champagne silk! Also I’m thinking for the boys, we will do mauve suits (if I can find them) aaahh Let me know if you know of any places to get them!


  • Photographer: My DREAM photographer is Hellomisslovely aka Autumn Berry. I also have happened to know her, since I was like 14! Her photos are whimsical, magical, and EVERYTHINGGG! I’m beyond ecstatic that we snagged her!!

Okay so this is all we have so far! We still need to figure out The honey moon, save the dates, coozies, where we are staying on the wedding night, I’m crossing my fingers for The Pearl, but we will see! After that, we are good to go though!! Let me know if I’m forgetting anything or if I left anything out because I sure I am!!

Okay thanks I love you bye!!!



You should know the drill buy now but I’m still going to over incase anyone is new here! Here are some sunshiny things to get you through the week!!

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of Week

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LIZZO IS EVERYTHINGGG!! I’M SERIOUSLY THINKING OF STARTING A FAN CLUB lolHer music gets me SO HYPE! Its positive, in a I’m a bad biotch I can take on the world type of way!! No artist boost my confidence like she does!! She is body positive, real, honest, and her live performances will blow you away!! I haven’t seen her live but her award show performances MTV, and BET will leave you SCREAMING YAASS QUEEN!!!

*Fav Lizzo songs: TRUTH HURTS, Juice, SOULMATE, Like a Girl, Cuz I Love You, AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!

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Mid 90’s

This story will give you all the nostalgia and have you sucked in to another world, called the mid 90’s! They did everything in this movie right, the clothing, the slang, setting, the vibes! It was produced by Jona Hill and is just a testament to his talent! It’s an indie film (but those are the BEST kind IMO!) GO WATCH IT on Amazon Prime!

Watch here PRIME

IMG_0567_Facetune_22-06-2019-16-15-50 2IMG_0565_Facetune_22-06-2019-16-30-08 2

Palazzo Pants

I have two pair and I LIVE in them!! They spice up a look so easily and pare well with most tops!! They are high waisted and funky! You can wear them with a crop top or tuck in a loser fitting top! I get compliments on them every time I wear them! These are a not your average staple that you NEED in your life/closet!

buy my FAV’s HERE

Firm Flesh Stick Foundation

So I LOVE THIS STUFF its super versatile and it last foreverrr! So I get a super dark shade  use it as contour and there is NOTHING better!! Also its only $18!!! This product is an everyday thing for me!! Cream contour is the best and this one is PERFECT for everyday use!! Also we LOVE an inclusive brand (40 SHADES)!!! And there branding is SO FREAKING CUTE!

Buy it HERE!

Quote of the Week

“Find Joy in every thing you choose to do. Every job relationship home… its your responsibility to love it or change it”- Chuck Palahniuk

He is one of my FAVORITE authors. I was lucky enough to have a hip creative writing professor in college who required us to read Choke, and I have been a fan ever since!! I love the way he looks at and talks about life, its super honest. This quote in particular resonates with me because I often find myself complain about things that are TOTALLY in my control!

Also I want to say thank you guys for letting me share some things that I LOVE!! It means a lot!!



Here we are again and I have some GOOD ONES for you!! Let me remind you what this is all about! Its about sharing AMAZING noteworthy, sunshiny, whatever you want to call things to Brighton your week! We have the following categories!

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of Week


Vance Joy

He is seriously the BEST!! I am OBSSED with every album he’s ever put out! “Dream your life away” is my FAVORITE album of his but I also LOVE “Nation of Two” !! His stuff is dreamy, super chill, and puts my soul at ease!! I love to listen to him when I’m relaxing, or getting ready for the day! It puts me in a good mindset, his music evokes clarity for me.

Beautiful Boy

This movie is so important, it perfectly and chronologically tells the story of addiction. It is BEAUTIFUL from start to finish. You will probably cry, and find yourself sucked into this true life story. Beautiful Boy is the most beautiful story about heart, tenacity, and a fathers love, through the devastating experience of addition. It gets ugly, and real, but its a mesmerizing master piece! You can watch is on Amazon Prime!

Mi.iM Shoes


Okay so I just got these shoes for a sponsored IG post I’m doing but I am OBSESSED with them!!! They are kinda funky, but they add so much to everything you wear them with and they are still so neutral! I love  good statement shoe, and these go with so much more then I though they would!!


It Cosmetics Foundation!!

This is the holy grail of foundations!!! Its so moisturizing, but its not going to completely whipe off like most moisturizing foundations.I consider myself a connoisseur of foundations! You name it and I have probably tried it! This stuff is AMAZINNGG! It’s super buildable and its full coverage which is super important to me because I have huge patches of discoloration on my face. Sometimes I feel like its all people see despite others reassurance. So FULL COVERAGE without looking caked is a MUST!! I’ve been using this one for about a yearish and its everything you could want in an everyday foundation! Also IT SMELLS SO GOODDDD!!

Quote Of The Week

Courage is the ability to climb the highest mountain even when you are afraid, and it is

Also the ability to rise and keep going on the hardest of days.

We all can have courage, but it does not always look the same.

-Morgan Harper Nichols

Another piece of gold from MHN! I’m needing a lot of courage with the things going on in my life lately. This quote is a reminder that I am still showing courage and showing up even when it doesn’t feel like it. It takes so much courage to do the right thing when its hard. Those moments of courage are where change happens, or where people are made.

Anyway! I love you guys and I am SO SORRY this post was a day late!!






Lets do a refresher, last week I started a super duper fun and awesome thing where I tell you guys my current favorites in a few categories, (I’ve added one!)

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of the week

Okay lets go!

Banks Goddess

Banks is AMAZING and makes AMAZING music but the album Goddess is her BEST album everrr!!! EVERY SONG IS A BOP lol no skips!! You might have heard of her and this album but its been playing in my head on repeat for like 2 weeks now so I HAD to share for those who don’t know! Banks is vibey, cool, chill, and her lyrics could cut through your soul!

Banks Goddess on YOUTUBE

Banks Goddess on APPLE MUSIC

Banks Goddess on SPOTIFY

Christopher Robin

(It’s on NETFLIX) This movie seriously made me (Matt too) laugh, cry (happy and sad tears) and feel all the feels!! Christopher Robins is a story that you probably need to hear, life lessons and heart strings pulled! You will leave wanting to hug your favorite people and appreciating life more! Thanks a lot for a movie to do for you, so go see it!




This accessory is an outfit elevator, its high-end, edgy, cool, innovative! Its perfect for the beach, a night out, or anywhere! They are so adjustable and versatile! When I have mine on I feel magical, and that it effortlessly fits in with whatever I’m wearing! You should get one and spice up your wardrobe!

Get one HERE

Check out there insta HERE

Balm dotcalm Glossier

I’m a huge Glossier fan in general, but this shiz is amazinggg! I’ve tried all the flavors (With the exception of Mango because its brand new) and the best is Rose, with a close second by mint. The consistency is think and creamy, they make your lips feel ssooo AMAZING!! PRO TIP: Put some one before bed each night and wake up with the most kissable lips you’ve ever had!

Get some HERE!

Quote of the Week

“And everyday, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No, This is what’s important.”


This quote REALLY resonated with me, I ALWAYS have a heard time doing whats best for myself at the expense of others, and it can be a really great quality, but its also a horrible quality. You HAVE to know when to say no, as I’ve gotten older I realize how important that is. As hard as its been for me to learn, you can say no and still be a good friend, you can say no and still be a good person, you can say no and still have empathy, you can say no and still care DEEPLY about others! What you can’t do is allow others to stop what your are doing for yourself because its better for them! Yes be inconvenience yourself for  others, yes go out of your way for others, but know when to PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN!

Okay sunny amazing beautiful people! I have to go! Just know I love you and I hope you enjoy these FAVORITES!! Let me know your current favorites the comments below! I hope you have an AMAZING week filled with TONS of sunshine! byyye!!IMG_0211