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This summer rue has all the trends! From the BEST most trendy jean shorts to the tanks that you need to fill your wardrobe with! rue21 has it all, and at such an affordable price! Here are a few of my FAVS!

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Yellow Bralette Jean shorts

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Black and White shirt

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One Shoulder Tank Bleached Jeans Brown Glasses

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Green Dress White Velcro Sandals

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Jean shorts Brown Crop top

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Black bodysuit Black platforms

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Black romper Flower Necklace

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Sunshine necklace

I hope you love these summer looks from rue21 as much as I do!

lllloooovvvveeee you!!!

Thanks to rue21 for sponsoring this post!

#YOUinrue #rue21

Its the most wonderful time of the yearrr! The warm fuzzies and all the holiday outfits! I always struggle with just how festive to take it! I have a little but of outfit inspo for every holiday occasion with rue21!!

This SUPER casual look is perfect for an active even on the go occasion! These jeans are SO COMFY! I feel like I can really movie in this outfit! This would be perfect to wear Christmas shopping, picking out a Christmas tree or even to a super casual lunch!

Jeans Olive T-Shirt Butterfly earrings

Leather is having a moment right now! This next outfit is perfect for a night out with friends! Its the kind of outfit you can wear out to dinner or to grab a drink. This edgy leather shirt could even be worn as an over shirt! I would even suggest throwing on some heels and a belt to make this a New Years eve outfit!

Leather Shirt Star Earrings

We are going full out festive with this one, from the fun shoes, to the gold jewelry and the comfy red body suit! This outfit is perfect if you are looking to dress up for the holidays! I also cannot say enough good things about these joggers! They are vegan leather which is super in right now and so comfortable! Who would have thought leather pants were comfortable?! I love this look!!

Bodysuit Leather joggers Fuzzy Shoes Chain Earrings Chain Necklace

This last outfit is a bonus! I will probably wear this on Christmas chilling at home! Its the perfect Christmas morning attire! SO COMFY! I love how you could also dress this velvet romper up too! Also these slippers and earrings add so much fun!!

Velvet Romper Earrings Fuzzy Slippers

I hope this gave you some 2020 holiday outfit inspo! I had so much fun creating these looks for you guys!! Let me know your favorite in the comments!!


Hey Guys!

Thank you to rue21 for sponsoring this post #YOUinrue #rue21

Make sure to check out there Black Friday 40% deals and extended Cyber Monday starting the 29th at 7pm EST – Dec 1st!

Matt and I are all settled now in California and we are loving it! The weather here is a little bit on the chilly side compared to Florida, and makes me want to get my cozy on! This year everything has been so different, Its been almost beyond the realm of comprehension. I mean who would have thought we’d spend so much time in pajamas?! That why I have comprised a COZY Holiday Gift Guide perfect for our current situation! Cozy and SO CUTE!!

rue 21 now has a COZY COLLECTION!!! HOW PERFECT IS THAT?! And let me tell you I have been LIVING IN IT!! I’m actually wearing it as I write this LOL! This collection is perfect because even though it is SO comfortable it is also the cutest and makes me feel put together even at home!

I LOVE matching sets and this first one is what dreams 😍 are made of!! I feel glamorous, cozy, sophisticated! Its what I imagine the Kardashians wear around the house! It also couldn’t be more comfy! It feels like a warm hug! This set makes the perfect gift, it comes in pants or shorts! I prefer the pants right now because like I said its a little chilly in California right now!


The Cozy Collection


NEXT UP in the Cozy Collection from rue is the PERFECT holiday set!! TALK ABOUT A WARM HUG!! The color is like a red cranberry and it is the warmest softest set! I can’t wait to wear it during the holidays and feel all the holiday feels! Also I can’t wait to style the pull over! I have some fun ideas for it as well, but LOVE that I can wear it around the house as a cute set!!


The Cozy Collection

Cranberry Zipup PULLOVER Cranberry Sherpa SHORTS

I decided to throw in these super soft but trendy sweaters on this list! These sweaters are perfect to throw on with basically anything and they are adorable and cozy! You can dress them up or dress them down and even though they are not lounge wear, I wanted to include another version of cozy, because you can be cozy when you’re out and about too!

This blue sweater made me feel like a princess for some reaso, like a 90’s version of cinderella! lol But I LOVE this sweater!




This black sweater is everything I feel edgy a cool and COMFY!!! Its black so that means you can automatically dress it up or down lol!




I hope this guide gave you some holiday cozy inspo! Also look out for rue21’s Black Friday 40% deals, and don’t forget about cyber Monday 29th at 7pm EST -Dec 1st!! The perfect time to get a deal on all this coziness and more!! I hope your holidays are filled with tons of sunshine! I love you!




For me part of fashion is self care! I think thats why fashion has a big part in altering my mood! It can bring out my spunkiness, or my calm side, and all the sides in-between really! Thats why I LOVE  Members Only!

I remember getting my first Members Only jacket at my first big girl job. That job was in a predominately male dominated industry. It was so easy to get pushed around, I learned that pretty quickly! I used little things like walking into meetings wearing my Members only jacket to bring out my inner badass!

IMG_4069Bring out your inner badass in a Members Only jacket too!! Click HERE to a link of the one I am wearing!!


Hope you have a great day, and wear clothes that bring out who you are!!!



You should know the drill buy now but I’m still going to over incase anyone is new here! Here are some sunshiny things to get you through the week!!

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of Week

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LIZZO IS EVERYTHINGGG!! I’M SERIOUSLY THINKING OF STARTING A FAN CLUB lolHer music gets me SO HYPE! Its positive, in a I’m a bad biotch I can take on the world type of way!! No artist boost my confidence like she does!! She is body positive, real, honest, and her live performances will blow you away!! I haven’t seen her live but her award show performances MTV, and BET will leave you SCREAMING YAASS QUEEN!!!

*Fav Lizzo songs: TRUTH HURTS, Juice, SOULMATE, Like a Girl, Cuz I Love You, AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!

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Mid 90’s

This story will give you all the nostalgia and have you sucked in to another world, called the mid 90’s! They did everything in this movie right, the clothing, the slang, setting, the vibes! It was produced by Jona Hill and is just a testament to his talent! It’s an indie film (but those are the BEST kind IMO!) GO WATCH IT on Amazon Prime!

Watch here PRIME

IMG_0567_Facetune_22-06-2019-16-15-50 2IMG_0565_Facetune_22-06-2019-16-30-08 2

Palazzo Pants

I have two pair and I LIVE in them!! They spice up a look so easily and pare well with most tops!! They are high waisted and funky! You can wear them with a crop top or tuck in a loser fitting top! I get compliments on them every time I wear them! These are a not your average staple that you NEED in your life/closet!

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Firm Flesh Stick Foundation

So I LOVE THIS STUFF its super versatile and it last foreverrr! So I get a super dark shade  use it as contour and there is NOTHING better!! Also its only $18!!! This product is an everyday thing for me!! Cream contour is the best and this one is PERFECT for everyday use!! Also we LOVE an inclusive brand (40 SHADES)!!! And there branding is SO FREAKING CUTE!

Buy it HERE!

Quote of the Week

“Find Joy in every thing you choose to do. Every job relationship home… its your responsibility to love it or change it”- Chuck Palahniuk

He is one of my FAVORITE authors. I was lucky enough to have a hip creative writing professor in college who required us to read Choke, and I have been a fan ever since!! I love the way he looks at and talks about life, its super honest. This quote in particular resonates with me because I often find myself complain about things that are TOTALLY in my control!

Also I want to say thank you guys for letting me share some things that I LOVE!! It means a lot!!