IMG_1300_Facetune_13-08-2018-17-17-51I’m writing this to you now on the other side of darkness, I was a lonely sad adult for a few years. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but for me, growing up I had a TON of friends, best friends, close friends, surface friends, and everything in between I was really lucky in that department. Currently I have a good amount of healthy deep, and in close proximity, friendships. As someone who associates part of their identity as having a lot of friends, the times I didn’t were humbling, heartbreaking, and not something I would wish on anyone; to feel that kind of lonely.

Where do you even meet people anymore?! Work maybe? What if the median age at your job is 50+ or mostly 18-20 year olds! You are now in the middle of that. Are you supposed to go out by yourself? Or lets say you met someone in passing, how are you supposed to go about asking them to hangout in a non creepy I want to be your friend kind of way, and they probably have there own friends they reserve that time for. How are you supposed to find people to go do things with in places where you didn’t grow up, or lets say your interest have changed or your friends have slowly moved away (this happened to me staying in my college town after college) lets say you did get the number of a new potential friend, there is an extremely HIGH possibility of a cancellation! Your tired, they are tired someone gives the other an out, you take it. Plans cancelled and you guys reschedule only to not follow through with the next date. It happens ALL THE TIME over and over.

It used to be so easy in elementary, middle, high school, it got a little more difficult in college, but still you were forced to be part of this mass of people who you saw everyday wether you liked it or not. If they did a tiny little something that bothered you, you weren’t able to screen there phone calls, and write them off, in the way you can as an adult. If you met in your adult life, you don’t really have anything invested, no guilt of them being a part of your formative years, no immense amount of time spent in the relationship. So its sort of easy if a new friend does or says the most insignificant comment you didn’t like, or if you had a little off experience to no not confront them, but just pass on the friendship. I get it you have limited time and energy, your stretched thin, your feet hurt, you’ve been working all day, your pretty sure the amount of dry shampoo in your hair is putting a hole in the ozone layer and honestly it took everything in you to spend your little bit of free time not watching Netflix on the couch.

It seems pretty near impossible, and if you are looking at it through that lens it is. Getting to know someone takes effort, and time, you have to be intentional. If you aren’t its just not going to work. With that being said there have been many of times I have been intentional and followed through to no avail, what you have to realize is thats okay. Just don’t stop trying because you were probably once that same girl who couldn’t find it in herself to put in the effort either. It takes effort and follow through but once you go, you are so glad you did! It is worth it to pull yourself together and meet for coffee, it is worth it to make your tired, feet hurting, got laundry to do, just got off work, self go have a beer. Friendships and human connections are good for your soul and essential for your well being.IMG_1180_Facetune_08-08-2018-23-30-37IMG_1093_Facetune_01-08-2018-02-01-36

You need someone to vent too about your significant other, someone to brunch with, someone to talk about the dumb conspiracy theory you just saw on twitter. I want that for you. I hope this can put friendship into perspective for you. How necessary and complicated it can be. I could literally go on FOREVER about this subject friendship is something I’m passionate about, I’m SURE this wont be my last post on the subject! If you are having trouble in the friend depart please don’t get discouraged, it will take effort and energy, and time, but that connection is priceless.

I love you!

TorriSunshine!imageimage 2

So the title of this blog would be “Summer 2018 trends” but seeing as it is almost September I did not think that would be appropriate lollll whoops! It feels good to be back writing this, I still feel a little unsure of myself, but hopefully by the end of this post I won’t feel that, at least I’m hoping! These are trends you can still wear for a few months, so don’t let my use of the word summer scare you. I have been obsessively wearing these things lately so I NEED to share!

Short Brimmed Hats: The one I have been living in is from believe it or not American Eagle! You wouldn’t think of them when you think hats but I get soooo many compliments when I wear it!!! Also this hat is one sale right now for $18 dollars! Thats crazy cheap for a good hat! click HERE for the hat! What I love about hats is you throw it on and boom looks like you put in tons of effort and thought into your outfit lol! They also just pull things together!

(Also how cute are these Sunnies my BFF Samantha ordered me for my Birthday?!)


Rompers: Rompers are seriously the coziest, most comfortable life hack of an article of clothing!! The one I’ve been living in the summer is from American Eagle… (Since I am now the store 129’s merchandising manager) That employe discount comes through hard!!! lolllll When I saw this romper come in I was interested but not sold, and then I tried it on!!!!!! ITS SO CUTE!!! Perfect for hot weather! Also through a jean jacket on and boom you’re ready for night time! hahaha I am loving the word boom right now apparently.. that is so weird lolllll Checkout!

IMG_1187_Facetune_06-08-2018-23-08-55imageIMG_1179_Facetune_08-08-2018-23-34-30IMG_1178_Facetune_08-08-2018-23-45-23image 2IMG_0934_Facetune_22-07-2018-23-52-05

Platform Sandals: I have received more compliments on these than pretty much anything else I have bought recently! They are from target, and they are the cutest most comfy shoes I have ever bought. I was surprised how comfortable they are. Steve Madden makes some that look exactly like this for like $70! But these Target winners are only like $30 bucks!!!!!!! You need these! Go get them! They make them in black and red also! Click HERE for the shoes!


Kimonos: Kimonos are like the flannels of summer time! You can throw them on over anything and it adds that pop to whatever you’re wearing! I have two that I am currently obsessed with!!! they are the most comfy light, and airy things everrrr! The white/grey is from aerie(click HERE) The other was gifted to me from my BFF Tori but she got it from Urban a long time ago!IMG_1367_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-27-21IMG_1368_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-19-41IMG_1389IMG_1365_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-17-50IMG_1369_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-20-44IMG_0880_Facetune_18-07-2018-01-43-47IMG_0881_Facetune_18-07-2018-01-47-11

Okay thats all I have for now! I’ll be back with my current fav clothes soon because I LOVE clothes and shoes and sunglass and accessorizes!!!! Comment below what your favorite out of all these are?!

I love you!!!!



IMG_1308_Facetune_13-08-2018-16-51-35I honestly don’t know why I haven’t posted in forever, or what is my hold up, its been like, idk, its like, kind of hard to explain. To be honest I haven’t felt good enough to be giving advice, I almost for awhile felt like who am I to be telling people about trivial things they haven’t even asked me about. I used to be pretty confident in doing this sort of thing, but my life was sort of spiraling after I lost my job in Jan. I felt like I was running from everyone and everything. When I think about how far I’ve come since jan it sort of brings tears to my eyes. My old life feels sort of like a distant memory. My old job the people I used to see on a regular bases it was almost like poof they are gone. Almost like a life I imagined. After all that dust and emotion settled I was frozen in fear and paralyzed in self doubt. Instead of making the most of my time I sat in my fear  in the black hole my mind created. I was so ashamed of myself, that I was literally doing NOTHING with my life, someone who tries there hardest to make the most out of things, I had no one to blame but myself. I’ve had a pretty privileged life. Ive had more opportunities than most and here I was doing NOTHING! It was crippling. I was completely STUCK in this cycle for no reason whatsoever. Somehow Ive been able to chip away at my dark space, and things got better, a lot better. I got a new job, grew closer to many friends, made new friends, and things slowly got better. everyday isn’t perfect, but things for the most part are good. I still have bad days but I’m not in that hole feeling hopeless anymore. I’m ready to start creating again with a little more clarity, and a lot more focus. I’m rebranding a little, a new layout is coming, new logo and graphics, color scheme and videossss! TorriSunshine is going to focus on FASHION, TRAVEL, BEAUTY, MENTAL HEALTH, AND MEDIA(MOVIES,MUSIC,BOOKS) I am so excited and cant wait to come back bigger and better!

I dont know if its the old school Taylor Swift I’m jamming out too or what but DAMN that felt good.

I still love you!



IMG_3507Hey so its been AWHILE!

This is not a typical blogpost, this is like a diary entry, life update. If this sort of thing is not your cup of tea I suggest waiting till next weeks post to read further!

Last time we talked I had a grown-up JOB like, I had a cubical!  Then BOOM my job came to a close, due to Anheuser-Busch ENDING my program! It definitely was a shock at first. Let me tell you, I was rrreeaallll comfortable at my job, I had that s-word down pat, down to a science, I also had a lot of freedom, and a lot of creativity. I was so fortunate to work for a company that almost ALWAYS said YES to my crazy idea’s! I learned so so much having a big girl job,

I learned how important follow through is, sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done and its on YOU to figure it out.

I learned how to pull things off, I guess you could call that resourcefulness.

Not to take things so personal, people aren’t always going to LOVE you, or what you have to say. AND THATS OKAY!

Also people aren’t always going to do what they say, (heres where your follow through skills come in handy)

You are going to have bad work days no matter how great you are, they are inevitable don’t let them crumble you.

I also learned that I am far more capable then I ever thought possible.

My wholesaler kept me on WELL after the program ended, and I cannot say enough about how positive my experience has been working for them over the past 3 years. I always knew this wasn’t my FOREVER job, I’ve ALWAYS had my side hustles, and ultimate goals; I just didn’t know this one had an expiration date, that was different than the one in my head. I took it A LOT harder then I ever thought I would. I was SO emotional in my last weeks knowing all the people I wouldn’t get to see every week, and things that were about to change so drastically for me. Saying goodbye over and over to all my accounts and coworkers, it was truly the end of an era. Life as I knew it, my whole day to day POOF, GONE, just like that. I know this sound ssssoooo dramatic when I’m writing it out like this, but for me it was. Don’t get me wrong I also had this feeling of excitement and new opportunity is around the corner vibe too, but the loss of people in my life was very big and hard to out weigh. As a people lover myself, I honestly have struggled a little in my head.FullSizeRender 4

With that being said I knew it was time to pull it together and figure it out. I decided to take my skills and knowledge, and open my own company! I’m happy to announce, Sunshine Consulting & Events as a full service events, marketing, and media company! EEEEKKKK (let the knee shaking ensue) I’m nervous about this only in the way of starting a new chapter, I am COMPLETELY CONFIDENT in my services and skills, maybe too confident haha, JK! Really I’ve been in this industry for 10 years! I am still going to keep up with my blogging and I REALLY REALLY want to make videos, I plan of making my youtube channel a thing this year too! Working for myself has ALWAYS BEEN my end goal and dream, I think this whole thing was the necessary push I needed!

Sometimes you just have to figure it out, and things are usually not on your time, or exactly how you thought they would look like, or be. I will say I’m proud of myself, I’ve risen to the occasion and I’m ready for it.

This has taken a lot to admit, and it was surprisingly not easy to be so open about, which is strange for me, Im usually an open book. The reason I haven’t posted is because it was hard to say and admit that its really over and done. Thats so absolute, and I’m sentimental lol Like I’ve gotten happy tears and sad tears in my eyes while writing this. hahaha WOW get it together Torri. Growing up so strange and weird.

Anyways I hope your Valentines day was great! Mine was pretty good! I’m actually headed out for a 30a girls weekend trip with Matts mom tomorrow for her BIRTHDAY!!! I’m stoked! Up late doing laundry like the procrastinator I am. Next post will be like a REAL blog post I have sssooo much to post about. For some reason I have been out of town A LOT! Tons of travel content coming your way, starting next week!!!


IMG_2520Okay so Its been awhile, and I have very good reasons, but honestly there is no excuse! I’m sorry! Basically, Im going through a HUGE, knee shaking, scary, adult transition! I’ll speak more when I can! For now, MERRY FREAKIN CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I have my Christmas music on, and I am ready to SPREAD THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALL OVERRRR THIS BIOTCH!!!!

I obviously LOVE the holidays and getting festive, but this year, due to many personal things, I’ve had a hard time jumping into the spirit. Which made my already last minute Christmas shopping tendencies even worse! Don’t fret, I have pulled through, and have compiled a list of 10 sure fire Christmas gifts! Not only will everyone love these , but they will still arrive before Christmas!!! IMG_3007

  1. What do you MEME? ($30.00) This trendy game is so so so so so funny and so much funnnn!!! Its like Cards Against Humanity but with pictures instead of a fill-in-the-blank situation! Seriously this game is perfect for couples too, because its something BOTH people can enjoy together! Thats what you call a win-win, thats what you call two birds with one stone, hahahah need I go on? For real though, its a crowd pleaser!!!! CLICK HERE to order!FullSizeRender 5
  2. Instagramable Slippers! ($30.00-$14.99) Who doesn’t want some super cute fuzzy slippers! These are one of those gifts that you wouldn’t buy yourself but you want! The are cozy, cute, and festive! I have two pairs of Muk Luks that I got last year for Christmas and I LIVE in them!!!!! TBH, I once ventured to CVS in them to grab myself some Nutella in them and was only a little embarrassed because they were so cute lollll I’m going to link a few pairs, that I love!(I have these >) HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!


  3. Girl Gang Sweaters for your Girl Gang!!! ($30.00) First of all I LOVE SHIPWRECK LIMITED! They have the CUTEST/TRENDIEST, and the classic staples you NEED in your life! Now I unfortunately for you scooped up the last of the Heather Grey sweaters, for my Girl Gang, but they still have the Navy up for grabs! When I laid my eyes on them I KNEW they would be the PERFECT Christmas presents for some of my BIFFS! Also so funny but the HOTTIE in these pictures is actually my good friend Katie!!!!! hehe how perfect is that!!!!!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE SWEATER!FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 7
  4. Cute Keyboard Cover. ($12.00-$8.00) Again this falls under the category, things you want for yourself, but never buy! This is perfect for someone who works from there computer a lot! Also they will totally think of you every time they get on the computer haha! Its really a gift of aesthetics, and those are the best kind, because whats better than a good aesthetic!!!!!! Click HERE and HERE for some cute options!FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 9
  5. Wireless Headphones! Okay so this is perfect for again is someone works on the computer a lot, especially from home! I saw these on Urban Outfitters and KNEW someone who would appreciate these while they work! I would recommend pairing these with a cute Keyboard cover, and BOMB you have the perfect gift completed! I mean they are sssooo cute AND on sale!!! Click HERE for the headphones!FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 14
  6. Glossier: Bombdotcom Trio! ($30.00) If you haven’t heard of Glossier, you are welcome! My BFF Tori introduced me, and no, I am not speaking in the third person! My BIFF’s and I are extra cute and have the same name! Anyway, not only are Glossier’s products ADORABLE, from the packaging to the media, they are phenomenal!!!! A Trio set is literally the perfect gift that your BFF will LOVE! 3 Flavors I recommend, Mint, Rose, Coconut! Try Glossier! I guarantee you will fall in love!!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE TRIO!!FullSizeRender 16FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 15
  7. Lush Bath Bombs: ($9.00-$5.00) AHHH LUSSSHHH talk about a game changer brand!!!!! My eyes LIGHT UP whenever I see anything Lush! In case you didn’t know, Lush is a handmade cosmetic brand that uses the best, freshest ingredients, and they are MAGICALLLL!!! The Bathbombs make PERFECT GIFTS! They are inexpensive, and are the perfect finishing touch to any gift. These really bring the WOW factor!!!FullSizeRender 25
  8. Kylie Lip Kit! ($29.00) I know her RIDICULOUSLY priced brushes are getting a bad wrap, (for good reason) but, what girl that you know, hasn’t wanted to at least TRY a Kylie Lip Kit??? Probably few are far between! This is why these make the perfect gifts, and are a sure crowd pleaser!! Good quality, good packing, and the cool factor! CLICK HERE FOR THE LIP KITS!FullSizeRender 27
  9. Essential Oil Difuser: ($20.00) This is a gift that just keeps on giving! I’ve heard nothing but great things about these babies! Your whole house, or room, will smell beautiful, the air will be cleaner, and its something useful, and fun because you can sort of play around with it! This is a gift that will probably be used often, if the person is into this sort of thing! CLICK HERE FOR THE OIL DIFUSER FullSizeRender 29
  10. Air Purifier: ($53.00) These vary in price, but I found a good one! For your holistic friend, we all have at least one, hey maybe YOU are that friend! hahah! Honestly these are just good for everyone! Especially if you live in an apartment! These eliminate allergies and do so much more for you! This is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving! I can think of a few people off the top of my head who would LOVE this! CLICK HERE FOR THE AIR PURIFIERFullSizeRender 30FullSizeRender 31      Okay, from board games, to makeup, to air purifiers, I think I got you covered this year!!! I have had to tell all my friends to not read this because there gifts are all up over this page!!!!!!! I’m finally excited about Christmas! Tomorrow Matt and I have a whole Christmas-y day planned! Christmas music, Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, and Christmas movies are all on the agenda!!! What do you do, that puts you in the Christmas spirit? I cant wait to watch Elf and The Grinch tomorrow! Those are our FAVORITE Christmas movies!!!!!!! OHH AND LISTEN TO THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM OF ALL TIME! NSYNC Christmas!!!  Okay I LOVE YOU BYYYYEEE