IMG_1105Let me just start off by saying, I HATE THE GYM! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT! For me it’s intimidating, makes me feel like an amateur, and I don’t want to see anyone while I’m jiggling around everywhere. That sounds like a nightmare! Unfortunately, none of my clothes fit me and as bad as I HATE the gym, I HATE feeling the way that I do! I have gone back and fourth my whole life between going to the gym, and being as far away from a gym as humanly possible. That is no longer an option for me at this point, it’s time for a life-style change. I hate when people say that, it’s like what does that even mean. It’s so vague, or maybe I don’t like it because it means I know it’s going to be difficult. For someone who HATES going to the gym as much as I do, I have to think of ways to get motivated! So I’m about to put these things that always work for me into effect!

  • Set Your Home Screen to a Picture of YOURSELF that You Loved the Way You Looked! A lot of people do this with celebs, but a picture of yourself is way more motivating. It’s because it’s more realistic. You’ve done it before, so you can do it again!IMG_1158
  • Cute Gym Stuff: Not just an outfit, I’m talking everything! Shoes, bag, GEAR and clothes. I HAVE to have a cute gym bag to put me in a good mood. When I look at my bag, I want to get happy! IMG_8856

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  • Set Alarms on Your Phone! If you have a plan to go, don’t just say, “Okay I’m going to go to the gym today.” If it’s not something that is already set in your routine, pick a time and set alarms on your phone! I know for me, if I do not have a specific time, chances are that it’s not happening!
  • Positive Reinforcement: What is something that you actually do love doing? I would try and recreate that feeling right before you walk into the gym, and right after! For example I looovvvve acai bowls! Before I head into the gym I put myself in a good mood by having one, since it’s a healthy treat that I love! Also, right after the gym I reward myself with 30 minutes of reading a good book or watching my favorite show! That way, I have something to look forward to. This helps train my brain to not think DEATH when I think gym, which is the usual response my brain gives.FullSizeRender
  • Gym Playlist: Create a gym playlist! I don’t mean slap one together. I mean create one specifically for the gym and save it for the gym only! Make it a treat you can look forward to! In the beginning especially, it should be something that you are excited to listen to!

These are tips from someone what hates the gym with a fiery passion from the depths of my soul! haha I wish I were joking! I hate the way gyms look, smell, feel, EVERYTHING! Every time I put these into effect, it sucks less and less. Eventually it starts to not suck, and then I wake up looking forward to it. If you have any tips PLEASE leave me a comment down below! Getting back in shape is going to take time, patience and discipline, but I hope this can help motivate you! Wish me luck mine starts on Monday, and I’m going to need it!

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Let me start off by saying that I am in no way, shape or form a makeup artist. This is someone who doesn’t even know how to put on eyeliner. LOL! I mean apply. HAHAHA, SEE I can’t even get the lingo down! I can probably count on two hands how many times in my ENTIRE 27 years, that I have even worn any eye makeup, other than mascara. See my skills below.

(This is my attempt at heavy eyeliner and Cat makeup for a halloween promo a few years ago.)

However, seeing as I get asked on a daily basis about my lashes…and seeing as Sephora has awarded me a RED Rouge Card for the ungodly amount of dollars I spend there; I feel obligated, and qualified, to give my tips and tricks on how I get lashes that get tons of complements! (THANKS BTW!) Eyelashes are MY thing! ALRIGHT, here we go!

  1. Mascara– I have tried ALL KINDS of mascaras, from super expensive, to drug store. I STRONGLY believe mascara is the one beauty product you DON’T have to pay a ton of doll-hairs for!  Also, you should really get whatever formula-brush combination that works for you. For example, since my lashes are longer, the bristles have to be longer as well, in order to comb through them. As far as formula goes, mine are extremely thin, so I need a THICK formula. If you have short, thick lashes the same one probably won’t work for you. It’s all good though, seeing as their are TONS of brands with all sorts of brush and formula combos! Lots of people like the short plastic applicators and those DO NOT work for me. TIP: LONG LASHES=LONG BRISTLES My holy grail is actually in the plain black L’OREAL tube. HAHAHA I DONT EVEN KNOW THE REAL NAME! I’ll google it!  Picture of the magic tube below! (Click HERE to check it out!)                                                                                                              L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

2.  Application– I personally think that the way you apply mascara makes all the difference in the world!!!! One of my BIGGEST tricks is, I basically curl my lashes while I apply. Take the wand and go mid-lash to the tips, in a curling motion. After you go over your top lashes, really focus on the tippy tips, of the top as well. For the bottom lashes I hold the wand vertical and run it down the bottom lashes. Don’t forget about the tippy tips!

3. Care– Take your mascara off at night, no matter how many beers or martinis you’ve have! If not, they fall out faster! This is also the pot calling the kettle black… I use to be the queen of sleeping in my makeup. You know what? Every once in a while, I’m tired; or maybe I’ve had too much wine, or something, and that’s okay. But seriously, take it off as often as possible. For FOREVER I’ve been on the search for a go-to remover, and I FOUND ONE! It’s called We Love Eyes, it’s vegan, and there is no trace of mascara after you’re done. It’s a two step super easy process. I actually made a video for my INSTA!  (To watch the video click HERE) I think it’s super cute!!! I seriously LOVE, LOVE this stuff! It has really helped my eyelash game! They are sooo healthy thanks to We Love Eyes! I would not recommend something I didn’t LOVE and use myself!  (Click HERE for the remover)

Those are ALL my eyelash tips and tricks! I just wanted to pass on any knowledge I have! Again, I am NOT a professional so posts like these will be few and far between! I mean, I do LOVE makeup. It’s so fun and it’s really great to feel confident and good about yourself. Not that long eyelashes are the sole reason to feel good about yourself, but when you look good, you feel good; and that certainly helps! I hope these tips work for you, and that it makes you feel beautiful, with some long looking lashes, you go girl!