I feel like V-Day has grown stale. Which is very sad to me because, little fun fact, IT’S MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Kind of strange, I know, but I love showing love! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in relationships and that’s where the V-Day haters get it wrong. I think everyone could use more love in their lives. What better of a day can you ask for than to give and receive love from the people you care about? Okay, I will stop being so Hallmark card-ish. You’re probably nauseous by now. Since everyone normally just goes to dinner, and restaurants have totally capitalized on this, with “A Special Valentine’s Menu”,  THAT’S usually about $75 a person! I’ve taken it upon myself to give you some awesome ideas. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE going out to dinner. I LOVE everything about it, the ambiance, good company, the options, and not having to cook! But, I mean you can go to dinner any night of the week. Why go on the most crowed AND expensive night of the whole year? No thanks! I love planning “fun days” it’s one of my specialties. If you know me, then you know I’m always on the hunt for something fun to do! So I think I got you covered!



ARCADE: What is more fun than an arcade!? Its also romantic, and playful. Dates like these are just the BEST kind, filled with innocence, and laughter. Personally, I strive to do things that I don’t do on the regular, like all the time! It keeps life interesting! It’s easy to spend all day in an arcade. Picture it, corn dogs, ice-cream, air hockey, skee ball, cheap beer, and shooting hoops! Life simplifies, it’s easy to feel in a different world in places like that. That kind of environment makes for a perfect date and makes for an unforgettable time!IMG_1242.jpgIMG_1249.jpgIMG_1211.jpg

Roll your own sushi: I’ve personally never done this before, but I’ve always wanted to! A night in trying to do a new activity together, especially making a meal, is such a bonding experience. No phones, no TV, just a really awesome playlist! Don’t forget wine, and a pallet on the floor, or a blanket fort! Matt and I used to do this all the time, only we bought the sushi! Sometimes we would play “Heads up” too. Highly recommend “Heads up” ESPECIALLY after wine! But any game will do! Now that sounds like a perfect night to me!


Bike Ride: This is most definitely one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS! We normally take our bikes to the beach, with some beer or wine, and stop at little spots on the water, or a bar for a drink. Being outside like that, makes me feel so carefree! This is what you call some QT with your QT! (Haha! OMGosh I need to go to sleep) You just kind of go where ever the ride takes you! It’s very romatical and make sure to get the sunset in.

IMG_7825.jpgfav bike ride.jpgbikes.jpg

Picnic: I know this is not an original idea, but I have to mention it because even though it’s simple, it can be so thoughtful. Bring mimosas! Matt surprised me one time on our anniversary with a picnic and it always makes me smile when I think about that day. I want everyone to feel like that. Here’s a pic from that day!IMG_1256


A whole day: Start the day together. Go get coffee and order for each other. Go to your FAVORITE coffee shop. Everyone has one. Next, go to a record store, spend about 30 minutes browsing and listening to music. Then take turns buying a record for each other, but don’t let the other see. Then do a reveal at the same time! Repeat at your favorite book store. This is such an intimate way to explore each others interests. Ideal! This date, in my opinion, is ideal!mattbodo!.jpg


Okay I’m done being super cheese pizza! I really do hope that Valentine’s Day is a happy one for you. Make your best friend your Valentine. Go see 50 Shades of Grey and get wine drunk! Have fun and celebrate the love you have in your life, at whatever capacity that may be. Be thankful for the ones who love you! JUST HAVE AN AWESOME DAY AND GO HUG SOMEONE!!!

(I’m going to leave you with the first picture Matt and I ever took together!)

IMG_1254 2.JPG

Remember I love you! Okay bye!!!!

IMG_1243 2-2.jpg

Matt, (my Boyfriend) and I did a stay-cay in dreamy Rosemary, not once but TWICE, this December. It was like a dream come true! Haha! One we budgeted for, the other time we stayed out there as a family, when my sister came in town from CO! We usually spend our time out towards Seaside, so this trip, we wanted to see what Rosemary really had to offer; and trust me, we were NOT disappointed! If you are planning a trip or thinking of driving over for a day, here are some things you CANNOT miss out on!


WHERE TO STAY: The Pearl, is a boutique hotel (which are my personal faves). This hotel looks like a dream. The outside reminds me almost of a doll house. It fits perfectly in the town. This is probably my most favorite part of Rosemary. If you like a place with attention to detail, this is it! You could literally not leave the hotel and have the best time. Next time we do a stay-cation that is our plan! The rooms all have Apple TVs, the most comfy beds, and the cutest decor.


//I’m swooning right now just thinking about these rooms! O.M.G!//

The Havana Beach Bar at The Pearl: I have to get into some details about this place because is most certainly deserves it! These two bars, (inside and outside), are cohesive but also different. Both so cozy and upscale at the same time; it’s weird how you can be in such a fancy place, but you still feel right at home!  Cuba is the theme at the bar, with film footage (from when the travel ban was still in place) is playing all throughout on different screens. All the bartenders have sparkling personalities, and know more than I could ever begin to comprehend about craft cocktails. They hand make the special syrups, in-house, and have the coolest cocktails I’ve ever heard of! The drink menu is always changing per season, with creative, beautiful, mouth-watering, and unforgettable drinks! (Was that enough adjectives? lol) I will say as someone who enjoys some cocktails, in a perfect world, if I could snap my fingers and automatically be at a bar with a cocktail this would be the spot every time! I’m kind of irritated right now because after writing this, I’m CRAVING a drink from this place, and I have no plans in the foreseeable future to make that happen!!! GGGRRR!

IMG_1238 2-2.jpg

IMG_1239 2-2

(cell phone pics^… SORRRRRYY I’m not a pro yet!  Just those two though, I promise! lol)

The outside bar: You want to talk aesthetically pleasing? I could literally sit out there for THE REST OF MY LIFE and be a happy camper. Everything is white and cozy. You can sit under a cabana or by the fire, with couch-like seating. On the trip with my family, Matt and I saw this couple sitting by the fire in robes (which come in every room) who had obviously just got done at the spa, and IMMEDIATELY realized we had MESSED UP! THAT COULD OF BEEN US BUT WE PLAYIN! haha! No, but seriously! As soon as we get the chance that is going to be us! Massage, fancy drink, robe, fire, ugh is this heaven?!

PRO TIP: The outside bar has an excellent bang for your buck happy hour! YOU’RE WELCOME!


(The couple who did it right! See picture above.)


(I thought this was HILARIOUS of my Dad and Stepmom)

Before I get into this I want to apologize for the fact that I have virtually no pictures of the magnificent, scrumptiousness that is the experience of this next restaurant I’m about to mention!

La Crema: Two words. CHOCOLATE. BACON! My mouth is literally salivating as I type! So, what they do, is take thick bacon, dip it in chocolate, and freeze the bacon sprinkled with sea salt on top. Words really cannot describe the party that was going on in my mouth from this stuff. BRB, got to wipe the drool off my keyboard!  Next the sipping chocolate! Think  super thick hot chocolate that comes in a teensy tea-cup! Don’t worry they refill it for free a few times. This is like a chocolate experience you do not want to miss, especially good with some red wine! They have a ton of flavors, but my fav was the hazelnut! Last but not least, and the winner of the best thing I have ever put in my mouth is the Chocolate fondue! I DREAM about this stuff. The milk chocolate with a swirl of peanut butter! I CANNOT EVEN!!! YUMMM! It comes with an assortment of things to dip, in my opinion the pound cake and the strawberries in that fondue, is a moment of transcendence on your tongue! I’m dying to come back here, its great date night, late night, girl friend spot, I mean anytime spot. I will say don’t go there hungry unless you want to spend some dollars! They do have excellent tapas but they are small and a little expensive.

(The tiny sign in the left side of the picture is the spot!)



Cowgirl Kitchen: This is probably the most affordable eatery in Rosemary. We had the fish tacos once. They were good, but nothing to write home about. (I love that expression) I did want to mention Cowgirl Kitchen though, because they have a “Store” type place across from the restaurant that is a cool spot to not only look around, but to grab a drink as well. One of the best parts about Rosemary is that it’s a “Resort Community” which is a fancy way of saying, you can walk around with an open container! You can grab beer or wine, open it up and stroll all through the town. It’s awesome!


PRO TIP: Grab some beer or wine and take it to your room so you have something cheap to sip while you’re out and about!



ART GALLERY: These are amazing and I wanted to buy them so bad, but they were too expensive! Aren’t they so cute?? Whats your favorite? I like the Strawberries the best I think, but IDK, that’s a hard one! You tell me! I always LOVE a good art gallery!! This one… I forgot the name of! whoops! Sorry, we went in December though, my memory is not that good! I tried to look it up and I’m just not quite sure which one it is! Anyways, it’s right across the street from The Pearl, and it was paintings, sculptures, all sorts of art. The guy on the floor, I believe it was his store, knew so much about every single piece, and he would just talk to you about all of it! Super cool highly recommend!


The Hidden Lantern Bookstore: Book stores are totally my cup of tea. There is something so calming, about being among books. It’s a true treasure to surround yourself with that many pages of knowledge; I could spend all day in a place like that. This book store is a true gem! It’s beautiful, charming, and the perfect place to stroll through on any day really! Highly! Highly recommend! Also the couches are so comfy! It feels like your sitting on penguin fat! AND! THE CHANDELIER! How freaking cool is that?!


Bike Rides: #thepearldoesitagain FREE BIKES! That’s right, your room comes with free bikes! Bike riding on 30A is a great way to have an awesome day!  The bikes are nice and sturdy. You just let the front desk know, and they pull them around for you. All the buildings, homes, and shops, are beautiful. Everything is pretty close together, so it’s a convenient ride to Aly’s Beach, if you wanted to venture past Rosemary. Definitely a good move out there!




(HAHAHA! I’m dyingggg! I remember how miserable he was, but pulling through in front of my Dad, how sweet is he?! aww)


Bloody Mary Bar: I consider myself a Bloody Mary connoisseur, and what do you know?! The Pearl, has the best Bloody Mary Bar I have EVER SEEN! It has all the yums! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it! I know, pics or it didn’t happen. 🙁 Had to mention it though because this is a MUST DO!!! This may be only a Sunday thing, I’m not sure, but DON’T MISS IT!



If you are planning on making a trip happen I hope this helped you! Rosemary in comparison to Seaside is a little more low-key. The change of pace was so nice and much needed. Rosemary/Seaside are my happy places, it’s like a beautiful slice of heaven in my backyard (since I am so close). 2 hours still counts as a stay-cay in my book. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and so incredibly thankful for everything in my life! Being thankful is where it all starts! Speaking of, thanks for reading! Until next time! I hope your day is filled with tons of sunshine!!!!!

Before you go! Let me know in the comments what sounds like something you’d like to do, out of all the things I mentioned?

Love you, bye!




The Sundance was something I have always, always, always wanted to do! And thought, “Ah, I’ll probably never, ever get to do that.” I’ve wondered, “How do you even get tickets? How much are tickets? What all do you do there?” But this had been something on my bucket list for years! Then, I got an opportunity at work to win a trip. And guess what? I WON! It was this time last year, and it’s one of my most favorite things I’ve EVER done in my entire life; and as a FUN connoisseur that is saying something! I’m so sad I’m not there right now… ah, I will be back though, I promise! Anyways, I’m going to explain what Sundance is and what it’s like to actually go!



TICKETS: Since I’ve been eyeballing tickets for years, on top of talking to other people at the festival, I know how this works. We were lucky and had tickets for 6 different movies waiting for us in our hotel! However, if you don’t win a contest and just want to go on your own free will, you will need to make an account at:                             Once you have made an account, they will send you a link with a time and date you are available to log on and order tickets. Tickets to the big, good movies, and most of the movies in general, sell out FAST. Like a few hours FAST! Tickets are not expensive which is nice, because they totally could be! Only $20-$25 dollars! The Sundance encourages people to give their tickets away if they are not able to attend. NO resale! I just think that’s so cool because it makes it about the art instead of money!

STANDBY TICKETS: They also sell Standby Tickets for the same price, once the regular tickets sell out, online or at the box office in Park City, UT. These ticket get you into the show if someone doesn’t show up on time for a movie; which with all the action, does happen.


THE LINES: Now for the kicker, just because you have tickets does not mean you are guaranteed a seat! I know that sounds crazy! Since the tickets are in such high demand, and so hard to get, they sell the Standby Tickets, like I mentioned earlier. When you arrive at the theater there are two different lines: Ticket Holders and Standby Tickets. If you are a “Ticket Holder” (meaning you have a Regular Ticket, not a Standby Ticket) you absolutely HAVE to arrive at least one hour ahead of time! If not, your spot will most likely go to a Standby! Be prepared to stand there for an hour. In most of the venues, you wait in long lines under these white tents. Also, if you have someone with you, have one of you hold your spot while the other goes and grabs snacks! Yes, they sell popcorn and candy in most venues and sometimes beer and wine too! Here is a picture of Matt with popcorn while we were waiting in line! It’s awesome too, because most of the time you’re in line with great people who love movies too. You never know who you could be standing next to and most everyone is excited and friendly!




The Theaters: Park City, UT is probably one of the cutest towns in America! It literally looked and felt like we were inside a snow globe! It’s a quaint little town. The theaters are spread all over town and some showing just outside of town. We went to three different theaters while we were there, some we went to more than once. One was in a school Library, another was at the high school’s Performing Arts Center, (Sundance donated TONS of $$$, so this one was new and HUGE!) and luckily, THE FAMOUS EGYPTIAN THEATER! I was kind of surprised with how small the screens were in all of these!  The Library was super cool, just snacks and absolutely NO alcohol. The high school’s Performing Arts Center had sandwiches and hot chocolate, but no booze (it was YUM and hit the spot!) The Egyptian was so iconic! ALSO, snacks and WINE!

FullSizeRender 6

Premiers: Premiers are kind of what they sound like. The stars of the movies are there, most of the time; definitely the writers and directors. The coolest part of the Sundance, in my opinion, is after the movie, the cast and directors stand on stage and take questions from the audience. You can ask them ANYTHING! Like, “What were you thinking when you were writing this character? How did you prepare for the role?” etc. etc. ANYTHING! It was so cool to be in that position but of course when SELENA FREAKING GOMEZ walked by me I completely froze and missed my chance to convince her that we are BFFs! I also froze when I had the opportunity to ask Paul Rudd a question, and definitely when it came time to make John Krasinski fall in love with me. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.





BARS/NIGHT LIFE: So a BIG misconception when you hear the word FESTIVAL, is that it’s sort of a roped off, exclusive thing. At the Sundance it’s not like that! Yes, the movies are roped off and you better have a ticket, but other than that, ANYONE can go to the scene down there. At certain places there are parties that are exclusive, but that’s it. Main Street is where all the action is! The street is lined with the amazing bars, cafe’s, and upscale dinning. The thing is, since it is Sundance time, every bar charges a $20 cover. Not too bad, unless you bar hop like we did, lol. I had two favorite places. Funny story, I could NOT remember the name of one of my faves! I google researched and finally found it! Just GUESS what the name is? It’s “No Name” NO WONDER!!!! (But I have no excuse, bc a bar in my hometown is called that too!)  No Name had a super cool cabin feel, with huge antler chandeliers, and white Christmas lights everywhere. Their upstairs bar and balcony was a dream!! It over looked all of Main Street. My second favorite was Flanagan’s downstairs bar. It was sssooooo cozy and they had the most talented girl playing live! Wish I could remember her name! Anyway, it was perfect! BTW, we’re not really club people!

FullSizeRender 4 <No Name

IMG_1122 ^ Flanagans

PRO TIP: DO NOT DRIVE! There is NOOOO parking anywhere! Just Uber into town everyday, eat and play around there! If your theater is not near Main Street, just Uber to it! You will thank me later!


SKIING/SNOWBOARDING: I’ve heard Utah has the best snow! Being from Florida, I don’t have much experience in this, lol. It was super fluffy and softer than any snow I’ve seen. SO, we went skiing/snowboarding one of the days. I mentioned I’m from Florida right? Well I was sssooo good…JK they had to completely STOP the magic carpet when I fell on it, and my ego only got slightly crushed as the 6 year olds whizzed by me. HAHAHA  It was a blast though, you have GOT to go ski there, it’s just completely breath taking! After you’re fed up, you can make your way on over to the Chateau, take those HORRIBLE contraptions known as ski boots off, and order yourself a stiff one! You deserve it! In all seriousness, it was one of the prettiest mountains I’ve seen. Highly recommend, even if you’re not the pro skier you’d thought you’d be.


FESTIVAL FESTIVITIES: I know I have mentioned Main Street a lot. That’s where EVERYONE goes in-between movies! At any given time you’re stand next to writers, producers, directors, actors, etc. Also, it is a festival, so they have lounges all over Main Street that are free to enter and all have cool actives inside. They also have panels that are free to attend, with writers and directors or shows you know and love. Like I mentioned before, you don’t even need tickets!



Seriously, this trip was a DREAM experience! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend putting it on your bucket list! I’m just going to put it out there and say I am going next year for sure! I hope you got the feel for what it’s like to go and how it works! I wanted to provide some insight, because I was so curious for so many years!




I can’t end this post without telling you my favorite movie we saw though! “The Fundamentals Of Caring” you will laugh, cry, and feel all the feels. Its a true story! We got to see the real people, along with the cast, and its SUCH a good movie! It’s on NETFLIX!!! YOU’RE WELCOME!!! I’m a TOTALLLLL movie buff!! ESPECIALLY Indie movies! Please leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite movie is so I can go watch it!!!!



FullSizeRender 4


Hello Fresh was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made. Like in a really, super long time! Since becoming a grown up and getting my first big girl job, (with like real responsibilities and such) I have slowly grown HORRIBLE at going to the grocery store! There is just no time for it. When I do make the trip, I end up sending money on things I never end up making. It sucks! Being a total foodie, this has left me ADDICTED to fast food and eating out! (When I say fast food, I mean like Panera, these taste buds ain’t CHEAP!) So obviously, MY PANTS DON’T FIT ANYMORE! LIKE NONE OF THEM! Now the only thing small left about me is the size of my wallet! (That felt good to get out) Hello Fresh has helped me to eat balanced, healthy meals; also to just get in the habit of cooking again. The best part is, I don’t even have to think about it.

So if you haven’t heard, Hello Fresh is a meal service delivery company. My BF and I do the 3 meals for 2 people per week plan, (they have others); it comes out to basically $60 a week. I know! Sounds a little expensive, but its like $10 bucks per meal per person. When you think about it like that, it’s a steal! Especially because it’s delicious, the ingredients are already portioned out and it has simple, easy to follow directions! They even have this APP, which being a millennial and all, I OBVIOUSLY love! You can skip weeks, pick your meals, go pork free, beef free, etc. etc. etc!



It arrives on your door step in this cute box! I literally get super excited EVERY TIME it comes, and we’ve been doing this since November, lollll! There is just something about getting a package in the mail that get me excited! Or is that just me?


The booklet comes in the box with all the recipes for the week, in easy to follow steps. The steps are also broken down on that app as well!



This is the setup right before I get to work! I like to keep the booklet propped up for easy access. Also, I have the worlds SMALLEST kitchen. Funny thing is, you probably think I’m exaggerating, and I WISH I were! lol


Next, I pull which ever box I’m cooking out of my fridge. They are like long and skinny boxes.



(Bonus points if you spotted the taco bell sauce pack in my fridge! Whoops!)


I pull EVERYTHING out of the box in the very beginning, and use the box for the trash. That way you can throw away as you go! As soon as an ingredient gets used up, the container/package it was in goes in the box. This makes things SIMPLE! Look how cute all these ingredients are, all perfectly proportioned, awww, lol! This is also another peek at my ZERO counter space!



See the trash box in the left of the pic? Makes clean up a breeze!



This picture does no justice to this meal. My whole apartment has like yellow lighting for some reason. And I was starvinnngg, so I could not wait a minute longer, lol sorry! The steak was delicious with a balsamic glaze and a tangy vinegar cabbage, yummy!

Hello Fresh has been perfect for me! I know what to cook. I know its going to be super good, and easy! It has put more of a structure at dinner time, which my life desperately needed! Honestly, life is a little easier with Hello Fresh. Hahaha, listen to all these feelings I’m having over a boxed meal service! lollll

ANYWAY! I do have some free Boxes to give away! If you want to try Hello Fresh for free, leave me a comment saying “SEND ME A BOX!” and I’ll get you the code!

Well… I will see you guys next time! Oh wait, do you like my new site?? I almost forgot!! I hope you like it because it was a lot of work and doll hairs! Let me know what you think!

K love you. BBBYYYYEEE!


Matt and I desperately wanted to get out of town, but had limited time. Lucky for us New Orleans is only three hours away! Armed with some local recommendations from a previous local, (friend of a friend); we popped over Sunday night and came back super early Tuesday! Like 5:30 AM EARLY! But, so worth it! Here are some highlights!

  1. Catahoula Hotel– I cannot say enough about this hotel. I mean personally, I’m in LOVE with boutique hotels, along with other basic biotch stuff such as PSL’s, pizza, etc. DUH! Haha, In all seriousness, I did some research and this place had only been open 6 months, but we decided to take a chance and book anyway! It was the roof top bar that sold me. We were sad to find out it was closed by the time we arrived (late Sunday night) and didn’t open back up till Wednesday night (after we would be gone). We still left not even slightly disappointed with this place. They have the cutest courtyard, and downstairs bar. The hotel has only 35 rooms and is also super affordable. It’s the perfect mix of contemporary decor, while also remaining true to its good ol Nola roots, charm and all! It’s so dreamy, we will definitely be back! Also it’s worth mentioning the downstairs bar is a Pisco bar, which I had never tried before, it was phenomenal! The Staff/Bartenders were awesome as well!

2. Pat O’Briens– We don’t typically go for the tourist traps, but Matt had not been to Bourbon Street since he was of legal drinking age, so naturally, we HAD to get a Hand Grenade! They were horrible!!!!! I’ve had them before, but my 27 year old stomach can not drink that S-word anymore! It gave me an acid attack! Thank goodness people drink whiskey ginger, making ginger ale readily available, it saved the night! (BTW I swear by ginger ale for stomach aches) We stumbled in Pat O’Briens and had a blast! Who doesn’t love a good piano bar though?! SING IT WITH ME NOW “SSWWWEEETTTT CCCAARRROOOLLLIINNNEE”

3. Willa Jean– Breakfast/Lunch Place. We had a slow morning after Bourbon Street. We stumbled into this beautiful restaurant and had an early lunch. The ascetic was all there, and the food was delicious; we split the crab claws, and this meatloaf sandwich. I’m not normally a meatloaf kinda girl, but I’m happy I branched out because it was delicious!!! This place gets straight A’s from me for ambiance, taste, presentation, and great service. OMGOSH I almost totally forgot to mention I had some FROSE and it was delicious! My first Frozen Rose experience might I add!


4. The French Quarter– My boyfriend was not feeling so hot! He had a cold before we left, and the hand grenades did NOT help. He was a trooper though, and pushed through! Needless to say, I pretty much dragged him through the French Quarter…poor guy! I’m not a super fan of the Quarter. It’s fun to peddle around down there, for a little, but it’s kinda like once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it! It is worth checking out though! My favorite part is looking at all the different art! You can see how happy of a camper Matt was as I dragged him around in the picture below. lol, Sorry babe!

5. French Market– I LOVE the French Market! It’s like a garage sale with great food! I had been craving a mango daiquiri my friend, Samantha and I had drank last time I was there. This one is made with like real, yummy mangoes, OMG YYUUMMM!!!!! Matt and I also had some bracelets made by this sweet woman. Mine says ‘Sunshine’, and Matt’s says ‘Do More’, (in the words of Casey Neistat) We love them! I also got a cute small brown leather backpack. I tried to haggle with the guy and failed miserably, lol. Oh well, I still think I got a good deal, and it cute; I’ve been needing a purse anyways.

6. Baru– After a quick, much needed nap and a fresh change of clothes, we went to a true local’s spot for dinner. You could certainly tell this was a popular spot among the residents, outside of the hustle and bustle. The food was really pretty, and tasty. Matt is one of those big portion size dudes. Not so much down for an $80 meal the size of your fist, lol. I didn’t mind though! I’d give the place a solid 8. The sangria was excellent as well!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures below! These are screen grabs of a video, but I wanted to give you the FULL picture!

7. The Monteleone, Carousel Bar– This is at a fancy schmancy, ballinnn hotel! The Carousel Bar is actually a real Carousel!!!! It’s also really hard to get a seat at said bar. Because who doesn’t want to sit at a bar shaped like a carousel and drink a fancy, yummy drink while you slowly spin like you are on an actual ride?!!! We were there on a Monday night, and I sat at it for just a second to get the vibe, because after an hour there was only one seat open. This was so cool. Regardless of where you sit, the whole place is beautiful!!! It is swanky, so expect swanky prices!!! This was probably my second favorite thing we did! We had some cucumber strawberry drink that was soo good! I will definitely come back whenever I’m in New Orleans! Great experience, but one of those places you have one drink and leave. Unless you’re like Kim K. or something!

8. Sucre–  After our pricey drink, and the fact we had to wake up at 5 AM, we decided to stop with the alcohol and get on with another vice. ICE CREAM! This place was on Yelp, and about a 2 minute walk from the Carousel Bar. Well, 2 turned into like 6 because we walked the total wrong direction, lol! We made it though! It was super adorable and exactly what we were looking for! The staff was excellent! I got hazelnut ice cream, yum!!! If you are a recovering Nutella addict, like myself, this flavor is for you! Matt got some fudge flavor and both of our tummies were happy!


9.  Bourbon Street Pizza– I should mention at the end of our Bourbon Street adventure on our first night in town, Matt and I split a slice of good old New Orleans Bourbon Street PIZZA! To know me, is to know that PIZZA is my FAAVVVORITE food ever!!! With that being said, do not judge me for what I am about to tell you! All day, Matt was talking about that pizza. So, we decided to walk on over stone cold sober to Bourbon Street on our way back from ice cream, and grab a couple slices. We decided to take them back to our fabulous hotel and have a PIZZA PARTY!!!!! I know, I know, “Didn’t you just have dinner and ice cream?” YES, but also this is vacation, and everyone knows, rules don’t apply during vacation, and I said don’t judge me! SO, we ended our Nola trip with a pizza party watching Forensic Files and cuddling! And NO, I do not regret it!

All in all, we had the best time being a tourist! I love traveling, like sooooo much! It’s when I feel like I am the best version of myself. It did kinda suck that Matt was so sick, and unable to enjoy himself fully! We made the best of it though and he pulled through! We ended up doing a lot anyway. I just hate knowing he wasn’t feeling good. Lucky for us, Nola is only 3 hours away and we plan to be back often!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about my first official Blog post! AH!! I kinda made this on a whim. I’ve been talking about it forever, but hey, no time like the present! What was your favorite thing we did? Thanks for taking your time out to read, if you’ve made it this far in the post! I hope your day is filled with tons of SUNSHINE! MUAH!