Weekly FLAVorites: July 22nd

Thanks so much for giving this week off of work, to deal with some personal things. I am an open book, but both of these are not exactly MY story to tell, sorry for being vague.

Anyway I am BACK for your weekly dose of sunshine! Here are some things in the following categories to get you through the week!

  • Song or Album
  • Movie, Series, Documentary, or Podcast
  • Item of Clothing or Accessory
  • Beauty Product
  • Quote of Week


Super Love- Whethan, feat. Oh Wonder

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!! Its such a summer BOP! This song fell into my lap last summer, and it has stayed up on my list since then!! Its so happy and fun but the lyrics are still meaty and important, which is ALWAYS a must for me!! Okay give this a listen and enjoy!!!

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Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers

Okay just so you know I can GET DOWN on some conspiracy theories, aliens, the Mandela effect, ghost, whateverrr. Its not that I necessarily believe it but I love to watch them and let my mind wonder!! This DOC does not disappoint! It will leave you questioning and feeling weird lollll (In the best way!)

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A good versatile Band Tee!

Okay so band tees have been around for since like before we were all born and all that. They seem stale right?! NO! for the times you cannot find ANYTHING TO WEAR! THROW ONE ON, AND CALL IT A PROGRAM! I love when you can throw something on and always count on it! Band tees are a busy/lazy girls (pick your excuse) go too! You need one in your closet for those times when you cannot figure out what to wear!! Get one that pairs well with jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts so it can be your go too!


Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream

Guys… I DID NOT expect to LOVE this stuff as much as I do. I agreed to work with them on a sponsored IG post because this stuff sounded AMAZING!! To be transparent they agreed to send it to me in exchange for a sponsored post I typically DO NOT DO POST FOR FREE because social media is my main source of income. But I COULD NOT get this stuff off my mind, so I agreed, and GUYS I am in LURVE with this stuff!! It smells/ feels SO GOOD!! It feels like my skin is drinking a cold glass of water when I apply it, it reminds me of Clinique Moisture Surge but better!! RUN don’t walk to grab some of this!! Also Volition as a company is SO COOL! They make products based off of customer suggestions!! ISNT THAT SO COOL!! YOU CAN JUST BE LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK THEY WORLD NEEDS, A MOISTURIZER MADE WITH CELERY JUICE, AND THEY WILL MAKE IT!!!! hahahah


Quote of the Week!


“I urge you to please notice when you are happy” -Kurt Vonnegut

You know I wanted a quote about pushing forward no matter what, but when I was doing my usually Pinterest scowl to try to find something, I came across this! It stopped me dead in my tracks, and made me think; I’m always making it a point to talk about when things are bad or hard, but rarely do I EVER say “I’m super happy lately, things are great!” How sad is it, that we often gloss over the times when things are going well. Why are we always waiting for the other shoe to fall, why are we so apped to over look the times when things are good? This needs to change, I challenge you to take inventory of your life often and acknowledge the good, bask in it, shout it from the roof tops. Things don’t have to be perfect to be happy either. Find your shiny moments take them in and hold on tight to them.


I hope you got something from this, I hope you enjoy these recs and know that I write this and do this with all the love in my heart! I LOVE YOU!!




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