2018 Current Clothing Trends (for hot weather!)

So the title of this blog would be “Summer 2018 trends” but seeing as it is almost September I did not think that would be appropriate lollll whoops! It feels good to be back writing this, I still feel a little unsure of myself, but hopefully by the end of this post I won’t feel that, at least I’m hoping! These are trends you can still wear for a few months, so don’t let my use of the word summer scare you. I have been obsessively wearing these things lately so I NEED to share!

Short Brimmed Hats: The one I have been living in is from believe it or not American Eagle! You wouldn’t think of them when you think hats but I get soooo many compliments when I wear it!!! Also this hat is one sale right now for $18 dollars! Thats crazy cheap for a good hat! click HERE for the hat! What I love about hats is you throw it on and boom looks like you put in tons of effort and thought into your outfit lol! They also just pull things together!

(Also how cute are these Sunnies my BFF Samantha ordered me for my Birthday?!)


Rompers: Rompers are seriously the coziest, most comfortable life hack of an article of clothing!! The one I’ve been living in the summer is from American Eagle… (Since I am now the store 129’s merchandising manager) That employe discount comes through hard!!! lolllll When I saw this romper come in I was interested but not sold, and then I tried it on!!!!!! ITS SO CUTE!!! Perfect for hot weather! Also through a jean jacket on and boom you’re ready for night time! hahaha I am loving the word boom right now apparently.. that is so weird lolllll Checkout!

IMG_1187_Facetune_06-08-2018-23-08-55imageIMG_1179_Facetune_08-08-2018-23-34-30IMG_1178_Facetune_08-08-2018-23-45-23image 2IMG_0934_Facetune_22-07-2018-23-52-05

Platform Sandals: I have received more compliments on these than pretty much anything else I have bought recently! They are from target, and they are the cutest most comfy shoes I have ever bought. I was surprised how comfortable they are. Steve Madden makes some that look exactly like this for like $70! But these Target winners are only like $30 bucks!!!!!!! You need these! Go get them! They make them in black and red also! Click HERE for the shoes!


Kimonos: Kimonos are like the flannels of summer time! You can throw them on over anything and it adds that pop to whatever you’re wearing! I have two that I am currently obsessed with!!! they are the most comfy light, and airy things everrrr! The white/grey is from aerie(click HERE) The other was gifted to me from my BFF Tori but she got it from Urban a long time ago!IMG_1367_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-27-21IMG_1368_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-19-41IMG_1389IMG_1365_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-17-50IMG_1369_Facetune_16-08-2018-12-20-44IMG_0880_Facetune_18-07-2018-01-43-47IMG_0881_Facetune_18-07-2018-01-47-11

Okay thats all I have for now! I’ll be back with my current fav clothes soon because I LOVE clothes and shoes and sunglass and accessorizes!!!! Comment below what your favorite out of all these are?!

I love you!!!!




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