Things to do in Rosemary Beach, FL!

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Matt, (my Boyfriend) and I did a stay-cay in dreamy Rosemary, not once but TWICE, this December. It was like a dream come true! Haha! One we budgeted for, the other time we stayed out there as a family, when my sister came in town from CO! We usually spend our time out towards Seaside, so this trip, we wanted to see what Rosemary really had to offer; and trust me, we were NOT disappointed! If you are planning a trip or thinking of driving over for a day, here are some things you CANNOT miss out on!


WHERE TO STAY: The Pearl, is a boutique hotel (which are my personal faves). This hotel looks like a dream. The outside reminds me almost of a doll house. It fits perfectly in the town. This is probably my most favorite part of Rosemary. If you like a place with attention to detail, this is it! You could literally not leave the hotel and have the best time. Next time we do a stay-cation that is our plan! The rooms all have Apple TVs, the most comfy beds, and the cutest decor.


//I’m swooning right now just thinking about these rooms! O.M.G!//

The Havana Beach Bar at The Pearl: I have to get into some details about this place because is most certainly deserves it! These two bars, (inside and outside), are cohesive but also different. Both so cozy and upscale at the same time; it’s weird how you can be in such a fancy place, but you still feel right at home!  Cuba is the theme at the bar, with film footage (from when the travel ban was still in place) is playing all throughout on different screens. All the bartenders have sparkling personalities, and know more than I could ever begin to comprehend about craft cocktails. They hand make the special syrups, in-house, and have the coolest cocktails I’ve ever heard of! The drink menu is always changing per season, with creative, beautiful, mouth-watering, and unforgettable drinks! (Was that enough adjectives? lol) I will say as someone who enjoys some cocktails, in a perfect world, if I could snap my fingers and automatically be at a bar with a cocktail this would be the spot every time! I’m kind of irritated right now because after writing this, I’m CRAVING a drink from this place, and I have no plans in the foreseeable future to make that happen!!! GGGRRR!

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(cell phone pics^… SORRRRRYY I’m not a pro yet!  Just those two though, I promise! lol)

The outside bar: You want to talk aesthetically pleasing? I could literally sit out there for THE REST OF MY LIFE and be a happy camper. Everything is white and cozy. You can sit under a cabana or by the fire, with couch-like seating. On the trip with my family, Matt and I saw this couple sitting by the fire in robes (which come in every room) who had obviously just got done at the spa, and IMMEDIATELY realized we had MESSED UP! THAT COULD OF BEEN US BUT WE PLAYIN! haha! No, but seriously! As soon as we get the chance that is going to be us! Massage, fancy drink, robe, fire, ugh is this heaven?!

PRO TIP: The outside bar has an excellent bang for your buck happy hour! YOU’RE WELCOME!


(The couple who did it right! See picture above.)


(I thought this was HILARIOUS of my Dad and Stepmom)

Before I get into this I want to apologize for the fact that I have virtually no pictures of the magnificent, scrumptiousness that is the experience of this next restaurant I’m about to mention!

La Crema: Two words. CHOCOLATE. BACON! My mouth is literally salivating as I type! So, what they do, is take thick bacon, dip it in chocolate, and freeze the bacon sprinkled with sea salt on top. Words really cannot describe the party that was going on in my mouth from this stuff. BRB, got to wipe the drool off my keyboard!  Next the sipping chocolate! Think  super thick hot chocolate that comes in a teensy tea-cup! Don’t worry they refill it for free a few times. This is like a chocolate experience you do not want to miss, especially good with some red wine! They have a ton of flavors, but my fav was the hazelnut! Last but not least, and the winner of the best thing I have ever put in my mouth is the Chocolate fondue! I DREAM about this stuff. The milk chocolate with a swirl of peanut butter! I CANNOT EVEN!!! YUMMM! It comes with an assortment of things to dip, in my opinion the pound cake and the strawberries in that fondue, is a moment of transcendence on your tongue! I’m dying to come back here, its great date night, late night, girl friend spot, I mean anytime spot. I will say don’t go there hungry unless you want to spend some dollars! They do have excellent tapas but they are small and a little expensive.

(The tiny sign in the left side of the picture is the spot!)



Cowgirl Kitchen: This is probably the most affordable eatery in Rosemary. We had the fish tacos once. They were good, but nothing to write home about. (I love that expression) I did want to mention Cowgirl Kitchen though, because they have a “Store” type place across from the restaurant that is a cool spot to not only look around, but to grab a drink as well. One of the best parts about Rosemary is that it’s a “Resort Community” which is a fancy way of saying, you can walk around with an open container! You can grab beer or wine, open it up and stroll all through the town. It’s awesome!


PRO TIP: Grab some beer or wine and take it to your room so you have something cheap to sip while you’re out and about!



ART GALLERY: These are amazing and I wanted to buy them so bad, but they were too expensive! Aren’t they so cute?? Whats your favorite? I like the Strawberries the best I think, but IDK, that’s a hard one! You tell me! I always LOVE a good art gallery!! This one… I forgot the name of! whoops! Sorry, we went in December though, my memory is not that good! I tried to look it up and I’m just not quite sure which one it is! Anyways, it’s right across the street from The Pearl, and it was paintings, sculptures, all sorts of art. The guy on the floor, I believe it was his store, knew so much about every single piece, and he would just talk to you about all of it! Super cool highly recommend!


The Hidden Lantern Bookstore: Book stores are totally my cup of tea. There is something so calming, about being among books. It’s a true treasure to surround yourself with that many pages of knowledge; I could spend all day in a place like that. This book store is a true gem! It’s beautiful, charming, and the perfect place to stroll through on any day really! Highly! Highly recommend! Also the couches are so comfy! It feels like your sitting on penguin fat! AND! THE CHANDELIER! How freaking cool is that?!


Bike Rides: #thepearldoesitagain FREE BIKES! That’s right, your room comes with free bikes! Bike riding on 30A is a great way to have an awesome day!  The bikes are nice and sturdy. You just let the front desk know, and they pull them around for you. All the buildings, homes, and shops, are beautiful. Everything is pretty close together, so it’s a convenient ride to Aly’s Beach, if you wanted to venture past Rosemary. Definitely a good move out there!




(HAHAHA! I’m dyingggg! I remember how miserable he was, but pulling through in front of my Dad, how sweet is he?! aww)


Bloody Mary Bar: I consider myself a Bloody Mary connoisseur, and what do you know?! The Pearl, has the best Bloody Mary Bar I have EVER SEEN! It has all the yums! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it! I know, pics or it didn’t happen. 🙁 Had to mention it though because this is a MUST DO!!! This may be only a Sunday thing, I’m not sure, but DON’T MISS IT!



If you are planning on making a trip happen I hope this helped you! Rosemary in comparison to Seaside is a little more low-key. The change of pace was so nice and much needed. Rosemary/Seaside are my happy places, it’s like a beautiful slice of heaven in my backyard (since I am so close). 2 hours still counts as a stay-cay in my book. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and so incredibly thankful for everything in my life! Being thankful is where it all starts! Speaking of, thanks for reading! Until next time! I hope your day is filled with tons of sunshine!!!!!

Before you go! Let me know in the comments what sounds like something you’d like to do, out of all the things I mentioned?

Love you, bye!





  1. Edy Webb aka MaMa
    February 7, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    Girl, You know how to LIVE! I’d love to just live in the hotel forever❤MaMa

  2. Bre
    February 7, 2017 / 5:20 pm

    Such a great post! Love Rosemary Beach!

    • torrisunsunshine
      February 7, 2017 / 5:23 pm

      Thanks sissy!

  3. torrisunsunshine
    February 7, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    Hahah the ONLY way I’m leaving next time is for the chocolate fondue!

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