Fall Trends 2016

Clothes and accessories are like one of my most favorite things in the world! To me, clothes are like an extension of yourself; It’s kind of like a creative outlet. Putting outfits together in my head really gets my creative juices flowing. I love taking what is popular in fashion and coming up with my own way of doing it. Sometimes though, I just cannot hop on the bandwagon! Example: scarves, I HATE SCARVES! lol I don’t know why, I just do! I will wear them if I’m cold, but only if I have to, though! Who likes being cold? Not me! I am from FLORIDA, so luckily I don’t have to wear them that often, or ever while I’m home! These fall trends though, I LOOOOVVVEEE!!!


This COLORRRRR! I normally do not like the color PINK, it’s too cheesy for me… However mauve pink just gets me. It’s girly, neutral, and just my style! Something I really appreciate about this color is the wide range: from brownish to pinkish! For some reason, this color makes me feel calm. Is that weird? Haha. This fall has been all about mauve colors, from lips to clothes! I have three shirts in this color, but this one is my FAV, it is ssooooo soft! (Got it at PACSUN)

Jean Jackets

I have always wanted a jean jacket, and I love that they are back in style! They make me feel secure, and also add depth and texture to any outfit. One of the main things I LOVE about a jean jacket, is you can throw it on and it magically looks like you put a lot more effort into your outfit. For some reason they just make it look more put together! I really, really want to add a light color jean jacket to my wardrobe, eventually. These things can get a little pricey this one is only about $30.00. I think that’s pretty reasonable! (I couldn’t find it, but click HERE for a good dupe)

Leather Bags

Leather is so fall! Every time I smell leather, it makes me think of BBUURRR weather and Ugg boots! The fact that my leather bag is also a backpack is what you would call a WIN-WIN! Haha! Backpacks are sooo convenient! See, when you would lose your head if it weren’t attached, backpacks really become a integral part of your life. This brown leather backpack has become a staple for me this fall! (I would link it, but I got it on a street stand in NOLA, so you’d probably have to go there to get it!) HERE is a dupe!



You probably threw these out of your jewelry box after middle school! Jokes on us, THEY’RE BBAACCKK! I love chokers so much! They are ssssooooo fun and versatile; it’s weird how it can dress up an outfit, or dress it down. I’m pretty picky about jewelry. I honestly don’t wear a ton of it; but chokers, that’s an accessory I can get behind! They modernize almost any outfit, which is kinda ironic since they are a surefire 90’s staple! ALSO, they can be super cheap!! HERE are a few of my faves!!! I think it’s so funny, and awesome, that these babies are back in full force!!


Speaking of the 90’s! FLANNELS have made such a HUGE comeback! These things have been a hot item since summer 2015! There is just something fall-ish about flannels though. It’s like you can take the shirt out of the season, but you can take the season out of the shirt! LOLLLL I really crack myself UP sometimes! ANYWAYS! I have two that I’m currently obsessed with! One is over-sized, the other more fitted. I love them both so much. Each one is a totally different look. Tie them around your waist or button them up, either way it’s back to the 90’s baby! (Couldn’t find originals. HERE is a similar black flannel. Click HERE for the red flannel)

Dad Caps

Can we all just take a moment to thank the trendsetters of the world for making dad caps a thing? Thank you, thank you, for allowing me to cover my roots when they are so greasy you could literally fry an egg upon them! Thank you for allowing a shelter for my roots when they are too short for me to tell people that it’s not that I haven’t got my roots done, it’s actually ombre, or balayage, or whatever the thing is now. When actually, it’s just that it’s expensive to get your hair done and you haven’t been able to swing it lately. LOL Mostly, thank you for allowing a simple and trendy solution to a horrible hair day! I LOVE DAD CAPS! It’s the simplest way to trendify yourself! Last but not least, THANK YOU DADS for being the pioneers of this wondrous fad! My boyfriend and I won this hat at a *COUGH* movie club *COUGH* that we go to. DON’T JUDGE ME! Sometimes I’m a nerd okay! (Couldn’t find original, click HERE for a dupe)

(Homage to the election today!^ )

What are your favorite trends right now? I hope you enjoyed mine! I’m still figuring out this whole thing. I know there is no comment section, and I’m trying really hard to fix that. Pretty frustrated about it. It is coming though! Thanks for reading. Hope your day is filled with tons of SUNSHINE! See you next time!!!


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